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I wear the same thing I wear in WAYWTs, but sometimes with slippers instead of the footwear I wear outside.
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in boxers and a t shirt because if im at home im not really doing anything that day anyways
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Whatever raw denim I happen to be working on at the time and a wife a beater.
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Nobody wears their raw denim to bed for the fades and such?
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aa t-shirt and raf simons sweatpants
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basketball shorts/sweat shorts/sweatpants for bottoms any tshirt for the top i don't wear shoes at home
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I wake, shower, and dress. If I'm in street clothes, they stay on 'til bed. If I'm in a suit (which is 90% of the time), I'll throw on sweats after work, but only if I'm staying in.
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basketball shorts
cutoff sleeve t-shirt
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After breakfast, shower and wear whatever clothes I'll be wearing later. Sometimes during the summer just boxers around the house. I want those screw you slippers.

I will probably end up getting some loro piana cashmere slippers and some kind of lanvin sweats.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
Nobody wears their raw denim to bed for the fades and such?

I have taken to doing this this winter, for the first time. Not for the fades but because it is just so f'ing cold in my house. I could probably look for some pajamas or something, but I am somewhat of a minimalist. Once it gets warmer I'll just stick to sleeping in my boxers again.
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sweats, basketball shorts, and plain white t's i like to be as comfortable as possible when im sleeping Russell Athletic sweats and sweatshirts are the truth
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Depends. Once I shower I get dressed for the day in clothes I could go out in, even if I have no immediate plans to do so. Often that will carry through until shortly before bedtime when pajama pants and a hooded sweatshirt come out, or maybe sweatpants and a pajama top. Depends how cold it is. Some days when I get home from working out after work I'll just throw on sweats for the rest of the night if I know I'm not leaving the house again.

Oh, and lately I always take off my shoes and socks and put on flannel lined LL Bean slippers for around the house...I'm totally in love with these things!
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One day, a zombie apocalypse or natural disaster of epic proportions will occur. This is the moment that I would have thought SW&D people live for, to be impeccably stylish and rugged in times of grave danger. This scenario can happen at any moment without warning, and when it does, you won't have time to change. To you who wear comfort clothes at home, for shame.
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Right now: AA sweats and Paul Smith socks.
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a hoody that says "i heart sneakers"
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