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Not my day ...

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Just dropped my rollerball pen on my trousers (off white satin cotton), and I have a nice black ink stain on it. Any alternatives to dry cleaning ? The same thing happened to one of my shirt, and laundering it didn't make the stain disappear. I hope dry cleaning will be okay ... Luc
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Ouch. Pens are a menace to light colored clothing. I've had mixed results with stain removers but my drycleaner always seems to have some magic technique. Good luck.
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OOOOH.... totally depends on the ink. You should talk to a cleaners. I know some products here (Carbona makes a good ink remover) but don't know if it is in France.
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Well, I'm pretty confident in my dry cleaner skills. I will bring him the pants after work. He's been able to remove melted brown tapeduct from a cotton pants before... But I never brought him ink stains. Now, I know they probably have some magic detergent for it. Thanks. Luc
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What a shame. Grayson
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Rubbing alcohol or hairspray.
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I have had good luck in the past with this type of stain by using hairspray. I read this somewhere long ago and had an occasion to try it. It worked. Don't rub. Take the hairspray, hold the can about four inches away and wet the stain, blot until the stain is gone. Good luck.
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StyleStudent is right: rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) or hairspray that includes it (possibly as a propellant?) removes most ink stains as if by magic.
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