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How can I manually distress my raw denim? - Page 3

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WHy not experiment? As ringring says, it will give you an appreciation for the work of denim laundries like Bart Sights and Martelli.

Most commercial laundries have inflatable templates to position the whiskers, but you can do this yourself by simply wearing them, squatting etc, and you have the luxury of time. I would suggest you use stones or a brush, or several different ones, rather than sandpaper, and don't spend too long on any particular area, keep moving around, and varying your tools and technique.

Then at some point, scrub the kitchen and bathroom floor, get some dirt in the knee fades and elsewhere. Not all of it will wash out and that helps too.
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http://www.denimdesignlab.com/produc...ts/gold-miner/ this is all you
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Holy sh*t a cock fade would be awesome. I'm gonna work this out now, without any pain. I will own the coolest pair of pants in the world.

I bought my first pair of raw denim and Uniqlo 4 months ago. (I know.. it's the highest of quality). I don't wear it everyday because it's too hot, but I sweat a lot in them when I do, especially in groin area, and back of knees. So, the fabric their has the whiskers and it is a much lighter blue, that seeps into the inside of the pants their. I saw some fade around a ring or something in a pocket.. I'm going to do that with my dick.

I think they look kind of stupid now, because I have some muscles, so I feel like an emo if I don't get anything relaxed or boot cut. These were straight.

What brand sells bootcut raws? Really I need this shit, my thighs are like 3 times as big as my calves.
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ugh. thanks for necrobump on a really shitty 2 yr old thread
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your welcome.
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For those who really like ripped jeans and find them expensive to buy, you can easily make jeans in a style that you want at home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UX9nMCmN1wc

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