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Whole cut what do you recommend?

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I'm looking into buying a wholecut, was wondering what people like and what wholecuts can be worn in, can't remember if they are more formal or more casual leaning towards more formal. Anhow what are peoples thoughts on the following. http://www.francos.com/items/item.asp?sku5=86868 http://www.francos.com/items/item.asp?sku5=29825 http://www.francos.com/items/item.asp?sku5=39796 any other recommendations? SHould i do one with brouging or just a plain wholecut?
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I personally like middle one.
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You're close---Consider the Gravati wholecut in soft calf, which I recently purchased.  Probably not practical for everyday use due to the extreme softness of the leather (like buttah), but for special occasions.  However, for everyday use, Ron is making up for me a pair of superb Martegani wholecuts made from sturdy boxcalf. Alternatively, if you're feeling especially upbeat, you can purchase the icon of wholecuts from John Lobb/London... http://www.johnlobbltd.co.uk/catalog....d_2.htm Lobb is currently offering a special: Purchase two pairs of bespoke shoes and receive a $400 discount off the second pair.  Although you missed my birthday in January, I'd still appreciatively accept a pair of Lobb wholecuts as a belated present. Grayson
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For me, the top is by far the most attractive--quite similar to the Grenson Stowe. koji
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The first and second designs are beautiful. I personally think the AE shoe is ugly.
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The third shoe is quite common in my opinion, but if you are looking for a common shoe, that is fine. It also looks rather coarse, unrefined. The first and second pairs of shoes are unique AND attractive. I wonder if the design of the first pair of shoes can be seen when you are wearing trousers. EDIT: On closer inspection, I think the first one is best, and agree with koji. Visual inspection suggests that the first one is the best made.
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The first shoe is the best, beautiful, with a rather different than usual design, and looks great antiqued. The second shoe is too flash for my taste, and I would distrust anyone who wore it. The third shoe seems perfect for a nights bowling, but has little else to recommend it.
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I don't particularly like any of the shoes you posted. I just love these:
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grayson which did you purchase? Rider mentioned this to me as well and said that its a very nice shoe but i'm not sure which one your talking about. I really like this one but its not in brown. http://www.francos.com/items/item.asp?sku5=28723 the first is also my favorite and if i end up getting a pair i am most likely gonna get those.
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Yes, the photo you just posted is the Gravati wholecut I have, although Ron calls it a Balmoral.  Ask him to e-mail you a pic of the Martegani wholecuts he offers, both in the 3 eyelet and the 6 eyelet version I ordered.  I personally think the 6 eyelet version offers a greater degree of support.  Ron can special order any shoes in brown, and in various shades of brown. Grayson
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What about construction? I really don't know to much about the brands he offers how do they compare to other brands, such as Allen edmonds, magnanni, mezlan, Bruno Magli, C. Harris, and Grenson materpieces. (the brands i have experience with)
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I offered feedback on Gravati in a previous thread---I'm thoroughly impressed with Gravati, which had eluded me 'till now.  Superb materials and outstanding workmanship, incorporating subtle construction details that would escape most people's attention, yet Gravati went to the extra lengths to produce a superior shoe.  Cleaner stitching than on my $4,500 bespoke Lobb London shoes.  And, Gravati gives you the shoe bags gratis  An excellent value, to the degree that one can justify wearing a $400 pr. of shoes, but nevertheless they're really good.  I like Martegani a lot, too. Grayson
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I don't particularly like any of the shoes you posted. I just love these:
What are those?
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What are those?
I'm pretty sure those are made by Santoni.
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Have you considered the C&J Weymouth?
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