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AE Birmingham's in chili

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Well I finally bit the bullet and picked up a pair of AE Birmingham's in chili brown. I've been trying to get away from black shoes and I love this colour. The question is, what should i not wear these with? They look great with just about everything, but I don't want to go too far. Thanks in advance.
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Not bad. A bit of a sleeker look with no toe medallion. I think you could wear them with suits as well as sportcoats.
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<wiseacre alert> i would not wear them with shorts, nor pink-and-white seersucker. </end alert>
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Hmm shorts, never thought of that look I have a dark charcoal suit that I'm tempted to wear them with during the day, and the thought of jeans did cross my mind. Those two are probably the ones I'm questioning most as far as looks go. They definitely lean towards the red side of browns, if that helps at all.
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i think with the charcoal, it might depend on how dark it is. seems like a lighter gray would work better, but even with dark...i'm guessing it would still work. especially with a more colorful shirt. jean, i dunno. i think only certain types of jeans might work. probably slim fitting 501's would be okay, but no distressed denim or flared legs. maybe if the shoes were, like, 10 years old, well worn, they might go better with jeans. /andrew
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I love Allen-Edmonds shoes in chili. I have nine pairs, and the Birmingham in chili is at the very top of my wish list when they have their next semi-annual sale at the Cabazon outlet. As to what to wear with yours, with the right accessories, they can look great with just about any shade of blue. They are ideal for just about any of the browns, tans or olives. I think they can even look good with white or off-white slacks. They would look good with most seersuckers. They might look quite good with light gray, but I would go for a darker shade of brown (or cordovan or black) with medium to dark gray. The Birmingham seems a little "dressy" to pair with jeans or other very casual least to my lights. At least that's my $.02. I'd be the first to concede that I'm not in the same league as, say, Manton.
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