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Not nearly as much. A few percent, topes, if you wash in cold and hang dry. If you tumble dry them, I have no idea.
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A bit off topc, but anyone find the beltloops of APC jeans to be a tad narrow and tight? Can't seem to fit any wide or thick belts in it.
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Mike C, What's the differences between the New Standards (Unisex) and the Tight Jeans? In the site it seems that both are equal. I like slim fitting jeans, however I'm not sure how tight you mean. Is it tight like Dior Homme? I'm in doubt between Unisex and Tight jeans. Can you help?
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Geowu, the unisex are a fitted 501-type cut, with a closely cut seat. They are "slim, but not tight." The tight are really tight, not just slim. My unisex New Standards do not seem to be *that* loose around the waist, but if you're ordering online, start with a size down from what you would normally wear.
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How does Diesel Rabox/Zathan, etc compare in terms of being slim/tight to Unisex and Tight Jeans from APC?
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Zathan has about the same tightness in the thighs as Unisex for me, both pairs being 30/32. I imagine that the APC Tights are considerably tighter.
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Ok, thanks. You mean 30/32 as both of them being W30/L32? Can you measure the waist in inches of the APC unisex?
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