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Pants Cuff Size Formula?

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There is constant debate on here about cuffing/not cuffing, but also with respect to the size of cuffs. Some of the shortest members here wear 2" cuffs; some tall people wear none. With that in mind, is there a standard way to figure out cuff size based on inseam? Do you have a particular way of doing this? I realize that leg opening size, pants slimness, and amount of desired break all play a role as well. I have around a 30" inseam, and am having trouble figuring out the ideal cuff size.
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I look in the mirror and see what looks right. I've got a ~31" inseam and I often find that a 1.5-1.75" cuff looks nice, but it depends on the fabric weight a pattern a little too. I'd trust your instincts.
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1.5" you can't go wrong (with a 30 inseam). I go 2 or more but then again I am 6'4" tall.
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I'm with bigbris. At 6'4" the 2" cuffs seem about right for our size and could go deeper. Anything less than 1.5" seems a little narrow, even with a shorter inseam.
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do 2". At any height, I think it looks good. As far as formula, I suppose it depends how conservative you want to be. But sometimes adherance to any formula may just not look good to your own eye, even if it is "correct."
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Style of trou or suit has an impact as well as the opening.
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PG has a point, I find that bigger cuffs look better when the width of the bottom of the pants are narrower.
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I just did 1.75 inches and I am 5'10".

Go for 2 inches.
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I think that deeper cuffs also look better with no break or a half break. They can look dopey with a full break or the standard way-too-full break. Also I like deeper cuffs more on mid- to heavy weight fabric. With lightweight cotton pants that I will not iron, I do not get cuffs. All this stuff is personal taste & prejudice. Try everything and then do what you like, when you know what you like.
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Preference and intuitive consideration of what looks correct.
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I like 1.75" to 2".
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Foot length, too. If someone has feet that are very large for his height, he probably should aim for the larger end of the cuff size range for someone of his inseam.
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Brooks Bros. made to measure tailor advises that traditional suit trousers have a 1 3/4 inch cuff.
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2 inches, no break. It grew on my tailor so much that he now recommends it to everyone.

It is the sexy way to do a cuff.

He still credits me with turning him from a 1.5 inch, slight break guy (for decades) to now being a raving lunatic for 2 inches, no break.

And by no break, in no way do I mean "flood pants." I mean that the front of the pant leg should tickle the top of the shoe.

Try it and be converted forever.
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I just ordered some red chinos that should have a tailored fit, little or no break and a 2" cuff... I am 6'1". I am looking forward to getting them and seeing how they look... I don't currently have any cuffed pants, but SF is getting inside my head!
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