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IC: Kato Red Cast jeans (made in Japan) bnwt

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Size 32x34

waist measures out to 34
inseam 34
T: 13.5
K: 9.5
H: 9.25

I came across this pair of jeans it is called Red cast by Kato.
But on the label on the backpocket says
"Tool project by Kato"
It also says "produced by Teamkit Japan"
It is a made in japan jeans in a One-Wash Zimbabwe cotton red line selvege denim.

Straight leg fit and button fly. Feels like a 13 oz denim and nice leather patch, and retails for 299 dollars.

Never heard of this before, but picked it up because it looked premium and the feel and weight is very nice, i would say up there with other japanese brands. I woudnt bother if it didnt.

Anyone knows about this brand?

Anyways if anyone is interested 149, 129, 99 , 89now back to 99 shipped . im very interested myself in this one so if no takers i will keep it.

photos are not good representative of actual color and richness due to poor camera and flash. it is alot darker and richer in person
camera angle as well makes it wider and shorter looking and bootcut-ish; it is not bootcut, it is straight slightly tapered.
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Size and photos would be nice.
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I like Kato a lot. They have very original cuts and details, and they produce good denim. I think most of their jeans are hank dyed, which is rather unusual (except for natural indigo jeans). They make great shirts as well.
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Size 32x34. Sorry

Yes, i just researched kato and it seems to be a premium japanese brand. Hank-dyed for non natural indigo dyed? Thats cool. Let me check the jeans if it alludes anything to that.
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Here's a link to a good description and pics of the exact jeans.

Nice, these are hank dyed with red tint after wears.
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This is their less crazy model in term of cut, good find. Coud you post fit pictures? I'm really curious to see how the back pockets look when worn.
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Back pockets are unique not in a bad jnco macys way but sort of like a half moon thing going on. Ill try to post photos up tuesday. But i will not be putting them on sorry, not for sale new items.

The photo of back pocket is in the link though.
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photos updated.
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measurements updated
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Ive had a couple of interested parties but did not go through. Lowering price to 129 shipped.
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lowering price now to match my cost. got to unload these.

the denim on these is fabulous. hank dyed and made in japan.

price now is $99 shipped. ( im eating ship cost now)

remember these are premium priced japanese denim at $300 retail
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89 shipped in usa before ebay. no international please.
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They are selling Kato jeans (not the red cast process) in Stuart & Wright for $25! Their denim handfeel is pretty soft with a rugged look on the surface. Great deal if you are in Brooklyn, NY. I think the only size left is 34 x 34. Stuart & Wright sample sales will end this Sunday!
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still available .

price raised to $99 shipped each
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Someone should snag these.....great seller and these are a screaming bargain at that price. Red Casts are hard to find on sale. I almost bought these from sho'nuff but I decided I needed the 30 ( waist is 2-2.5 inches bigger than tagged ). Since I got the Kato's these are my favorites... I prefer the cut over my SDAs and Somets....straight leg but not too skinny.Denim quality is also killer. Hank-dyed with organic pot-fermented indigo....they are a bargain their list price. I don't really know why Kato doesn't get more love round here. They make really interesting clothes and their fabrics ( which they make on their own looms) are some of the best I have seen.
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