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Harrison James

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Had anyone been to Harrison James? IIRC, they were across the street from back of MoMA. Did they open soon after Louis Boston closed their store. They closed about several years ago. I hadn't had a chance to pay a visit. I am always wondering what's it like? How's their merchandises? Shopping experience? Did they have good sales?
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It was OK. Beautiful space, 100% private label stuff (at least that's what I remember). Overpriced, though given what stuff costs today, their prices in the mid-90s would seem normal for high-end retail today. A great salesman named Avery Lucas worked there for a time, which is the main reason I ever went in. (That and the space was, again, remarkably beautiful.)
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Visited the store, named after the sons of one of the owners, shortly after it had opened, and, turns out, shortly before its doors were shuttered.  The front guy had previuosly been the manager of the Bijan store on Fifth Ave.  He now operates a pricey "bespoke" clothing shop on 57th St. bet. Fifth and Sixth Ave.s called "Alan", in, I believe, the same building as Wm. Fioravanti, another very pricey bespoke tailor...although from what I hear, WF is outsourcing more and more as he prepares to retire.  In a nutshell, Harrison James was a plush, posh store, housed in a luxurious townhouse, selling stratospherically pricey clothes, mostly with a conservative Italian style.  It's telling that possibly the most affluent customer base in the world still would not allow the store to flourish. Grayson
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It's telling that possibly the most affluent customer base in the world still would not allow the store to flourish. Grayson
The one time I went in on a rainy Saturday afternoon, I was the only customer in the whole place save a very affluent looking man of Middle-Eastern descent who was smoking a cigar and drinking a scotch while simultaneously being straight-razor shaved, having his shoes shined and receiving a manicure (believe me, quite a feat considering he was drinking and smoking). It struck me at the time there was really only about one other service they could've been providing at the same time. Beautiful merchandise. Ridiculously expensive. The salesman (seeing I had a bag of custom shirts I had picked up) tried to convince me that their M-T-M program was superior to bespoke because "it relied on fewer measurements." Uh-huh. At least he had the decency to admit they had no garments that fit my then 38R size because "the men who buy here are older and tend to be fatter than 38." So true.
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i stumbled on their store closing sale. there were tons of 3-pc suits that were 3000 plus for 395 or 495, none of the longs were long enough for me, but did get a red cashmere blanket for 280 or so, and a cashmere grey L/S 3B polo that i still wear all these years later for 85 or so
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Coincidentally, this is a Harrison James blazer I purchased from A. Harris (this blazer has now appeared on three threads). I'm posting this because of the jacket construction description provided in the listing.
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I have a Harrison James suit that I got from our very own sartorialsolutions. It's quite nice. Bruce Boyer says this about them in a Cigar Aficionado article from 1999:
Harrison James 5 West 54th Street, New York, New York; (212) 541-6870. Harrison James is a two-year-old store for men in Manhattan, with a superb ready-to-wear collection of business and sportswear. But it also has a made-to-measure program of clothes with a distinctly international flair. Jackets sit slightly closer to the body and have high armholes, square shoulders and a bit higher button stance. Luxury fabrics are the rule. Suits from $2,750; jackets from $1,895.
I see that Andrew compares their suits to Brioni and says some were made by St. Andrews in STYLESTUDENT's auction.
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