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Opinions, Please, on these eBay items

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I would deeply appreciate any opinions that more experienced folks could offer about these two eBay items. The Zegna jacket has the newer label and the vendor told me was around 3 years old. The Brioni vendor basically said "what you see is what you get and what it is worth to you." http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....IT&rd=1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....IT&rd=1 Thanks... This forum has been a great source of information and help. Ned Soltz
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Zegna - excellent deal, have seen/sold the same model in the past, seller is arguably the best on ebay, I'd go so far as to gaurantee that deal - Aharris is the seller and I'd let him babysit for me. Brioni:  Not familiar with the seller, cheap for a Brioni and they state no flaws and have good history so looks safe. I'd like to see the label on the Brioni - might just be my aged eyes but the lapels look a little narrow and likely this is an older jacket. If buying one, go for the Zegna.
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Well, the seller of the Zegna is our own A. Harris, and you can be sure that what he sells is a quality good. Best of the best on Ebay, for sure. He's also remarkably accurate with measurements and descriptions, which can't be said for most. The guy selling the Brioni is clearly going to consignment stores if he can't tell you how old the jacket is. Also, I'd be worried about the condition of that fabric -- it looks like it would be remarkably easy to snag. The Zegna is more of a basic and I like the silver buttons on it. It runs on the long side I think, so make sure the measurements are good. The price seems right to me though if it fits.
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Vendor on first item (Zegna blazer) is a regular contributor and source of knowledge and enthusiasm on these boards. I would trust him completely. The Brioni looks ancient.
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LOL... for the first time in forum history we have three consecutive posts entirely in agreement. Oh my
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I say the Zegna. Very nice.
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Pull the trigger on the Zegna. However, I disagree with Andrews assessment of the size. The measurements are larger than those of most American 40R's, notably the chest and shoulder measurements. I think that an American 40R is more like a 18" shoulder and a 42-43" chest. BUt then again, I like my jackets cut rather fitted, and am usually buying those fancy designer suits (FWIW, those measurements are about a 52Eu in a Helmut Lang suit)
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I think the Zegna is a good buy if you are on the big and tall side of 40R with shorter arms -- say, 5' 11", 185 lbs., 33" sleeve. I don't like the Brioni fabric.
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So long as the measurements suit you, I think you should take the Zegna blazer. I have the same model, regrettably purchased for a higher price, and have been very satisfied with it.
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Adding another vote for the Zegna, because when Andrew Harris describes an item, the description is accurate. Coincidentally, I'm taking a navy blazer I just bought from him to the tailor to have the sleeves shortened. Because his measurements are accurate, no other alterations will be needed.
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I like A. Harris a lot but I hate that Zegna jacket. Those lapels are very off-putting to me.
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I'm not a fan of either really. The zegna is the better of the two imo, but it looks boxy to me and the lapels just don't work for me
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As with anything on Ebay, be very cautious about the measurements. For example, the Zegna's arms are a bit short, so unless they work for you, you'll have to get one or more of the buttons moved and also get the sleeve fabric let out at the end by a tailor. Anyway, I like the Zegna too.
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LOL, thanks for the kind words guys. I think I still have some work to do if I am to bring my customer service up to Carlo Franco standards (meaning best-of-the-best,) but I'm happy to know that everybody likes my merchandise. As for the Zegna, the sleeves are indeed on the short side which is why it is still around I'm sure. A great deal for the right guy, but make sure the measurements will suit (er, blazer) you before you pull the trigger. I know where LA Guy is coming from thinking it is too big for a sz 40. In some brands these measurements indicate a US size 42, and in others a 40. For Zegna, it is a 40. Also, one of the first lessons I learned on ebay is that when there is any doubt as to the size the jacket measures to, list it as the smaller size. Call it the larger size and probably 50% will come back, list as the smaller size and you won't have any problems. Most guys (in the general public, not on this forum) think they are a size or two smaller than they actually are As for the Brioni, it is definitely vintage. I think some vintage Brioni's look very cool and can be had for a great price. But that particular one is not my favorite, the fabric is sort of odd.
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Ironic that I should ask about a jacket being sold by a forum participant. Well, I guess that says a lot in your favor. I do so appreciate the honesty. Sleeve length is indeed my concern. I can get by with 24" sleeves, but I'll ask my tailor today what she thinks as I bring another eBay bargain to her for alteration (new Zegna Su Misura suit with miniscule tear on sleeve-- $50 reweaving job. Even has the name of customer and the Saks dept from which he ordered it.). But, I'll see what happens after discussing with my tailor. At least I am confident that I would be dealing with a trustworthy seller. Definitely going to pass on that Brioni. Ned
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