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Considering some white/off white jeans

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Largely because I have a trip to Spain on the horizon, and think these would be good for the weather (plus some likely Miami travel a little ways off), but am having a little trouble finding what I'm looking for. I saw some white Acne Mics on Yoox and some white Slim Jims on Revolve, but neither was available in my size. Revolve also had some white Helmut Langs, but those were full price and $250 for something I'll only get a certain amount of wear out of / could easily be damaged doesn't seem the best idea. Any thoughts on the "where" for the former two, or the "what" if I need to go a different route?
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I go with some nice grey jeans just because they get less dirty and are more versatile.
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I wouldn't recommend a white jeans if you'll be travelling. If you want value for your money, go get something you would be able to wear even on an adventure trip, something that is rough looking, maybe the off-white will do.

but if you're planning to go to a museum in Spain, then I guess the white one would fit in.
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I just bought white levis 501s. I'd like to thank Daniel Craig and Phat Guido
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Where'd you get them? I thought they were all sold out.
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nom de guerre inside out jeans, thank you 50% off context
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i have a pair of levi's eco 514 off white. they're ok, but not ideal. rise too low, leg too loose. personally, i avoided the white slim jims because you could see my non-white underwear through them. plus, i don't know how much i care for that sort of arctic white. rrl also does an off white jean. i saw them at denim doctors, but don't remember if they have them at the rrl store on melrose. i think shipley and halmos also does a white jean. saw them at the barney's co-op. i can't speak to the acne's. i think grey is a good choice too, and grey jeans don't get much better than NdG. like poly said, context has them. for both white and grey. if you're in LA, fred segal may have them, but i don't remember. Wings and horns also does grey jeans. I think you can get them at and also at fred segal (santa monica).
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Def. go for thsoe NDG on context, I got the inside outs and couldnt be happier with both the fit, feel, and look. THe pics on the site def dont do the fit justice AT ALL.
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Club Monaco's white jeans are on sale right now for $19 if you're interested in something cheaper and more disposable.
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I wear mine in the summer, but not too often otherwise.
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Originally Posted by poly800rock View Post
nom de guerre inside out jeans, thank you 50% off context

I want those so bad. Unfortunately, they are sold out of size 28. Anyone know of any other store that sells them?
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I second the white jeans=bad for travel thing. I wore a pair yesterday (it was 10 degrees here), so I endorse wearing them at all times of the year, but would never take them on a trip. They just get dirty to easily. Also, where are you going in Spain. Madrid is frigid this time of the year. Not miami-like in the least. You could still wear them, but it might not be in the way you were expecting.
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I just purchased some off white RRL jeans. And they fit and look great. I have been wearing them in the winter too, so I consider them pretty versatile. Make sure you get them pretty slim. I got a pair of just RL's, and they weren't nearly slim enough so I never wear them. Size 34's if anyone is interested
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Do it
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Just make sure white/off white/cream jeans aren't skin tight.
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