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Berluti on a budget

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Naturally, the shoe that I've gone ahead and fallen in love with is Berluti. Unfortunately for Olga and me, my wife of 2 weeks has more sensible plans for our wedding money. What I'm looking for is an elegantly shaped black bal (or blucher). Can anyone suggest a poor man's ($300-500) look-a-like of this shoe? Thanks.
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Rumor has it that this Weymouth model of Crocket & Jones shoe (link below) can be special ordered through Crockett and Jones without the decorative broguing on the front. It could fit the bill for you. M#4
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IF you refer to the ask Andy forum and search "Sargent" and my name "Bresch," you will see pictures of the AS whole cut which costs 300 dollars delivered and is an approximation of this shoe (I bought it).
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The Berluti on the pic, do they have fiddled waist?
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how much are these in the picture?
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Thanks for all of the responses. The two suggestions, C&J Weymouth and AS both look like viable options. Which, would you say, is higher quality and better value? As for the fiddled waist and the price of the shoes, I cannot say. I came across this photo while looking at a Japanese shoe fan site.
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That particular model my favorite Berluti shoe, at least from the pictures. I like that it's a bit of a twist on the wholecut model, with the three eyelets, the double soles, and the Norwegian-looking stitching. Very distinctive and very elegant. (FCS, I would be greatly surprised if it had a fiddle waist. It's trying for a more massive look than most shoes that you would see with such a feature.) Aubercy has a model that looks to be almost identical, but it's not going to cost much less than the Berluti. Just about all of the British makers are going to have a wholecut model, but they're going to have single soles and look, well, much more British than that Berluti. If it were me and I wanted that look but didn't want to pay Olga's prices, I'd do a Gravati special order. You could probably get something very similar for around $500.
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Can you tell me if this the same shoe that I posted above: Thanks.
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Yes, I believe so. Just different colors.
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Santoni does a nearly identical shoe, which I like better than the Berluti's. If you can get a pair on sale that would be a good option.
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andrew, send a link to those shoes you just referred to thx
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I think I found the shoes that A Harris mentioned: from this page. Any idea how much they cost or where I might pick some up? Thanks.
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They have done lots of variations on that shoe: That shoe does not go on sale in the New York store (great store, everybody should check it out) but it does at Nordstroms sometimes, also in Europe. And every once in a while a pair pops up on ebay. What size are you?
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I'm an 11D and I love that last pic that you posted. Thanks.
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Reader, the Santoni picture you posted is quite nice, I believe Thracozaag (or was it Naturlaut) posted a link to some Santoni shoes he was selling in the Buy/Sell section. These Santoni's (with the orange sock) are mostly Blake Lasted, while the ones that A.Harris has posted are Bentivegna or Norwegian lasted, and cost a lot more. If you want another option, someone suggested the C&J Weymouth with no perf., or an even cheaper option is the C&J (regular line) black wholecut called the Mayfair, which is built on the 318 last.
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