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Only in Europe.
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Originally Posted by Stazy View Post
Only in Europe.
But you live in Europe (canada).
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I do. We don't own a car since don't need one. PT in Melbourne, Australia is not that bad. The network is extensive esp as get closer to the CBD where we live. We can travel to where we want via PT - either train, tram or bus.
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I look forward to the days when I can use public transportation again.
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Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto View Post
I live in LA, and use the "Rapid" buses to get to work. Using public transportation has it's pro's and cons:

You meet MANY girls
You can ride around drunk, and not have to worry about killing someone.
You save on gas.


People... you meet some really fucking idiots on the bus, and I noticed the amout of savages DRAMATICALLY rise in the evening.
Bus Drivers... some of these freaks are real jerks.

I guess riding the Bus in my case is OK. Not for everyone though... especially if you have to catch the Bus around 8 to 10 pm. That's where you meet many people you want to kill.

1. The girls you meet on there...are they girls you really want to meet? I dont know, I only went one day and 98% of the people were scummy. Not people Id strike up a conversation with anyways. If you take it to the valley or something I guess you might have better luck.

2. With gas so cheap right now its easier and cheaper to drive then to buy a $5 day pass. I did the math the other day based on my mileage and mpg, Gas would have to be at least $3/gallon for me to consider it again. That is my break even point. Realistically, probably more like $3.75 though.

3. I like the idea of getting sauced the last hour at work on a friday and getting chauffered home. I have thought about that.

4. The train I took runs right through the hood (compton, watts, paramount, artesia) and you definetly dont see too many people on there who choose to take public transit. They do it out economic necessity.

Now I know why LA is so car-centric.
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The NY subways are very efficient. Then again, they're underground and don't compete with traffic.

Unless you have to, I would avoid taking the buses in LA, except for shorter trips. The buses are extremely slow, and the company is less than pleasant. Bus trips that take half an hour by car on the freeway can take 2+ hours by bus.
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Originally Posted by Davidko19 View Post
-Oh yea, the bums and poor people

Nothing worse than bums and poor people. How dare they use your transit system. But you, you're a winner.

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Originally Posted by mack11211 View Post
Even the outer bits are pretty good.

For 2.5 years in the late 80s/early 90s I lived beyond Rock Park. And in 2007/8, I was going out toward Far Rock about twice a week, changing trains at Broadway Junction. Travelling at all hours.

Pretty safe, actually.

B'way Junction is also good for observing 'urban' streetwear trends. Some are fly, some more unfortunate but hey, that's Brooklyn!

about 8 years ago i used to go to Brownsville and Canarsie a lot... had some friends out there. I used to hate when the L train stopped at Broadway Junction and you would have to take the bus to Myrtle avenue. Those young thug kids would scare the hell out of me. But that was a while ago i guess. times have changed. all of brooklyn is getting the hipster treatment... shit i heard they have an art gallery near Marcy Projects now (Brooklynite gallery). I used to go to block parties on south side williamsburg and there would be shoot outs (my girlfriend at the time was p.rican and from over near woodhull hospital).. this was only 10 years ago. now it is super sonic hipster central... wtf!

anyway... even with all the gangter activity back in the day... nyc transit is cool. and i feel safe knowing that there are just massive amounts of under cover cops on the train at all times. it seems that under cover cops wear North Face, Timberlands and Yankees hats these days.
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I CalTrain and MUNI 90 miles/day roundtrip.
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Originally Posted by GoSurface View Post
+100. I wonder how it'll be this Tuesday though.

It's gonna suck on Tuesday. I'm just staying in Alexandria. My friends are trying to convince me to go out with them, but the idea of standing in the cold just to look at a jumbotron does not excite me.

Metro is awesome in general. Plus, they have the status boards that let you know how many minutes out the next train is, which allows you to make a decision, and makes the wait very bearable. Sometimes late at night from downtown DC what I'll do is peek at the board, and if it shows 15 minutes or so, then I'll grab a cab.
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I didn't get a car of my own until I moved to the states, I had a company car from about age 30, and before that I used public transportation.

I tried using american public transportation in the NY suburbs, and it really sucked. but it kept me from having to buy a second car for 2 years.
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Originally Posted by Davidko19 View Post
...There is an actual stop in Compton. Jesus...

Oh heavens!!! Compton!?
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I personally despise an automobile-centric lifestyle (only for myself, not trying to hop on a soapbox). Absolute best-case scenario - cars are a necessary evil, worst-case scenario - they are expensive coffins.

I love the DC metro, and have found the NY subway highly serviceable. My only big complaint with Metro is the lack of 24 hour service..though I think on some evenings out in the city, an artificial curfew has served me well....
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Usually take subway in the morning and a Town Car home.
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i take public transit daily and i have never had a 3-hour odyssey as described by the OP SEPTA is notoriously mismanaged but somehow it all works out i do most of my reading on the train i drove to work today and i miss murakami already
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