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^^ Generally speaking I think it was said cutting either 400 or 500 Cal from your diet will drop 1 to 2 pounds of weight a week. It is possible that with your weekend of binging that you may bit drop any weight depending on how many calories you take in.

Since you just started lifting and are lifting every other day, I don't think creatine is really necessary. A lot of people will gain strength when they first start. Cut that out if you're worried about water retention. Also sodium does lead to water retention.

The most accurate way to measure bodyfat is via the dunk test. I forgot what it is called but they submerge you in water and can tell how much bodyfat you have and other stuff. It isn't cheap though. For you to keep progress you can try those electronic home scales that also measure body fat. Note these are not accurate but you can chart progress. Take the measurements every morning when you wake up after you go pee.

For your goals, I would bulk first eating very cleanly then go on a cut after. Maybe bulk up to something around 10 pounds over your target weight then do a cut from there.
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I concur. A really good trainer should have no problem providing you with your own program. Not only will they plan your routine out for you, but they will be helping you to actually learn as opposed to just following them around.

You might want to try looking for an independant trainer. A lot of trainers are really cool folks who really want to help people and enjoy teaching this stuff to others, however when they work for clubs the clubs often have pretty strict rules about how the can operate. After all, the clubs are a business. They are more concerned with keeping you coming in paying dues than anything else.
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