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Lost Dog

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All - Our beloved family dog has been missing since Sunday. He was let out in the backyard, and forgotten about for a few hours. When we went to look for the guy, he was gone. He's quite small, so he does squeeze out from our picket fence on occasion, but he never usually gets very far. He's well known in the neighborhood, so we had thought he might return to us the following day. We haven't heard or seen anything yet. With hopes beginning to fade, I'm turning to the forum for any advice on how to proceed with our search. If anyone has been in a similar situation, I'd like to hear your experience and how your search turned out. I know the matter probably seems trivial to many of you, but our dog has been more than a pet to us - he's a part of the family, so please forgive the sentimentality. Kevin
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That's really hard man, I know how you feel. Check on craigslist.org, probably http://newyork.craigslist.org . There's one for Buffalo but it doesn't seem to get much traffic. Look in the lost/found section and the pets section. And obviously contact Animal Control near you and the Humane Society, etc. A week or so ago I found two dogs running around playing nearby and I had to drag them home to keep them from running out in the street. I called animal control and the number on their tags (no answer). I posted about them in craigslist but got no response. Animal control came and got them, so I assume their owner(s) got them from the pound. Good luck. I know what it's like to lose a pet, but I've always found mine safe and sound, even after a few days.
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yeah, dogs aren't stupid (well, most of them anyway), they know where home is. be sure to leave out dishes of food and water by the door. around here, when people lose pets they often post flyers on the neighborhood telephone poles, with pictures and a description. best of luck. /andrew
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I don't have anything helpful to add, but as a dog owner myself, I just want to express my sympathy and hope he turns up in good shape soon.
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Just wanted to offer sympathy, from a family who has had many dogs and treasured them all.
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Jeepers Kevin, I hope the pooch turns up. Make sure you follow FB's advice and post flyers around the neighborhood, and make sure you check with the animal control people. I found one of my Goldens at the pound after a couple frantic days of searching. Good luck. Dakota
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Breaks your heart. This has happened to me and my family a few times over the years -- once with a dog, once with my brother's dog, and once with a cat. If you are in a real neighborhood, then I'd - put up signs. - call your neighbors (turns out a neighbor took in my brother's dog, thinking he was a cute stray) - ad in paper - call the humane society - call the dog pound If in the country, I'd start "beating the bushes." Although, I'm sure you've been doing this already. Fact is, I think, some dogs and cats do get lost -- they're not all Old Yeller or Lassie and able to find their way home. The real worry here I'd think is that the pet got lost and either got hit by a car or froze to death. We actually forgot a cat was outside one winter evening (this happened 30 years ago when I was about 8 years old) and then went to bed. You can guess what happened. You may also find that your dog got caught up playing with or chasing another dog and they went off together. My secretary's dog was "lost" for 2 weeks until a neighbor of hers spoke to a friend across town who told her of a cute dog that had come home with their dog one day - turns out it was my secretary's. So, who knows why dogs do such things. Keep looking. Put up pictures and signs. Good luck.
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DOG FOUND This just in - some old lady down the street found him two days ago, when he came over to visit her while she was working outside.  Since she works odd hours, she took him to her sister's place a few towns over, who saw our ad in the newspaper and called us this morning. I attribute this to nothing more than spectacular luck.  We have plastered the neighborhood with fliers and put a sign in front of our house, which somehow the woman that found him missed.  If it weren't for the newspaper ad, we still wouldn't have him. The lesson?  Keep good track of your pets, and if they do go missing, never give up hope.  I was getting doubtful if I'd ever see the little fella again, but sometimes, as in our case, you get lucky.  Many thanks for the advice and well wishes of the board.  They went a long way in a time of need. Kevin
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