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Did i get make the find of the year?

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I'm getting married, as I stated before. Good old Dad needs a black suit. Dad also doesn't know much about suits, though he has a lot. (In his defense, in his younger days he may have known a thing or two, but apparently has forgotten them -- yes, he is one of the majority of men who think HB is the best suit out there, along with at least 30 guys at Century 21 the other day, two of whom literally flipped out when they saw the rack of Bosses). Well, I found the following at Bloomies, a 48 regular -- just his size: Black, two button, year round weight Canali Exclusive Collection. Retail: 1850; sale price: $399.... (It was apparently left in the back of Bloomies for a year and never got put out). I got 15% off of that, plus another 15% for opening a Bloomies card. Total Price: $290..... I told dad -- a broad shouldered guy who Canali will fit perfectly -- and he said, "Those Italian suits are cut for slim guys." Poor, Dad. I hope he appreciates the beautiful piece of clothing I bought for him to wear in my wedding. He does deserve it, despite his ignorance.
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Find of the year is a bold claim, especially with this group of bargain hunters. I will say however that is a very good price, well done my friend.
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WOW, great deal. I find that Canali is the best mass-market suit. Beautiful fabrics, nice styling and an outstanding fit, better than Zegna.
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That is a great buy. I probably had a bargain that was just as good, maybe even better: I was in Sawgrass Mills Mall one day 3 years ago (or about 3 years ago, maybe less) (a rarity, it is too far away, too touristy, and too badly designed to enjoy shopping) and I quickly perused the clearance section in the rear of the store, when I happen to notice a 38S (not a common size) RLPL 50 / 50 Cashmere / Silk off-white herringbone pattern jacket with ticket pocket. It had all the original tags, and even the 8 buttons for the cuffs, 2 extra buttons (one large and one small), and the extra thread in a bag in the inside pocket of the right breast. The original price was $2700. I bought it for $99. With tax, the total came out to: $104.94. How awesome is that? I have never found a deal like that again. I mean $2600 off is just incredible. The RLPL was one of the jackets made in England by Chester Barrie, before St. Andrews started to manufacture the tailored items for RLPL. Jon.
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Wow, you guys got some great bargains. I still submit that I may have had the best find, and here's my argument: (1) Dad needed a black suit for, (2) my wedding, that is (3) a couple months away, and (4) Dad would never spend enough money to get himself anything more than a mid-range department store suit (I remember the jealous look in his eye the day I came home with my first HSM ). So, in other words, the planets alligned perfectly, because I got something for a loved one that he needed (for my event, of course) at a price that I can afford (I think I'll just give it to him as a gift). I've simply been unable to sleep because I'm looking at this suit. Not to be sacreligious, but I think that in many ways this suit is the equal of an Oxxford. This Canali Exclusive is simply a masterpiece. The handsewn Bemberg lining is gorgeous. The pad stitching is the best I've seen -- including Oxxford. The pad stitching is simply intoxicating to look at. The buttonholes, while handsewn, aren't as substantial as Oxxford's, but they are damn good. The horn buttons are truly unique. I wish it had working button holes, but you can't have everything. Super 150s fabric by the way. It feels like cashmere actually, but it's not. Oh, sweet Lord, why couldn't they have had one in a 38R...??
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I think that johnnynorman3's deal takes the cake. A great deal, exactly what he had been looking for (a much harder feat than taking the bargains as they come), and a very popular item that one would think would have been grabbed up at first markdown. Good job. I have several suits, which is veral more than I need, but if you see that deal in at 40R, I would be sorely tempted...
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This is certainly top 10 if not best of all time. Good find.
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Got CJ shoes new - brand spanking new for $40.00 .. cj on ebay
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