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Wedding attire recommendation wanted

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I will be attending an evening wedding this coming Saturday.  I will be wearing a three-button dark gray (not charcoal) suit.  Any recommendations on shirt and tie combinations to go with this suit would be appreciated.
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Well, it is spring so you could throw a bit of color into the mix, but the evening time may change your shirt options up a bit. I'd wear a really crip spread collar/French cuff white shirt because it's evening (I know, not too exciting). I'd throw on a dark textured tie w/ some vibrant color detail (I'm thinking of a good Etro or Massimo Bizzochi print). You could even do a great paisley like the Kiton one's I recently saw.
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I would go with a very simple, yet timeless, elegant, andsupremely stylish alternative, reminiscent of old Hollywood types (read: Gary Cooper, Cary Grant).  With that suit, at that occasion, I would go with: - white, spread collar, french-cuff shirt - simple cufflinks (thinking of my own collection, I'd use basic, stainless steel Tiffany links) - plain (perhaps with a bit of a sheen) black, silk tie - simple pocket square (probably a basic white) - well-shined lace-ups I don't think you can go wrong with this look:  classic style, and you won't upstage the stars of the show.
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Try a pink shirt instead of a white one if you are wearing a grey suit. Be aware, though, that not every guy can pull off pink though.
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Ambulance Chaser: I agree with the non-button down collar (it's evening after all) shirt, in either white or blue, but what about a fun tie in celebration of the event. Red, yellow, silver, or... and of course a pocket square. Andy
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Ambulance Chaser: We're all waiting to hear.. What did you wear? What was the best male ensemble there; the worst?? Andy
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I ended up wearing this Hermes tie, which I bought on the day of the wedding with the assistance of a saleslady at the Hermes boutique.  I was initially a little apprehensive because this tie is radically different from the vast majority of the ties that I own (which tend to be mundane geometric patterns set against a dark blue background), but I think it ended up looking pretty sharp set against the white point-collar french cuff shirt and dark gray suit I wore.  An attractive female acquaintance remarked that the tie looked really good, but to be fair, she knew in advance that I was buying a new tie and may just have been trying to be polite. I can't really comment on the ensembles of the other male guests, because I didn't circulate -- I knew five other guests (we are all former co-workers of the groom) and pretty much hung out with them for the entire wedding.
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