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Natha Studio shoes

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Over spring break last week, I was convinced by my fiance to buy a pair of 'athletically inspired' shoes to wear with jeans as an everyday shoe. I didn't like the styling of what a couple of stores had, but then I found a pair of Natha Studios in brown that I really liked. They are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have worn, but I can't find anything about them online. Has anyone else had a pair of these, and what did you think of them? Thanks.
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Sorry, really hate those shoes. "Athletically Inspired" is sort of the sneaker equivalent of dress shoes with rubber lug soles. No way to make those babies look good. Wear sneakers or leather shoes, not some monstrous hybrid. Tell your fiancee that she was a bad, bad girl.
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Yeah, it sucks because it seems like a good idea in theory, but I have never seen it really work in practice. It would be really nice if there were something to fill that niche properly, besides the obvious Chelsea boots or Clarks Desert boots, etc.
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Can't say I like the Natha's but I don't have a problem per se with some all leather trainers. I've got a pair of Reebok Classics in a deep burgundy with cream accents that I really like. They go amazingly well with dark denim and grey socks. I agree most of the time an "athletically inspired" shoe is just footwear that's having an identity crisis but there are exceptions. A.
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