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Tricker's Sizing?

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Thinking about buying a pair of Tricker's wholecuts from Pediwear and was wondering if someone could tell me about their sizing? I know that an American 11 corresponds with a British 10.5, though on a C&J handgrade its really more of a 10. Is there a similar discrepancy with Tricker's? Thanks, Panzer
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I went a full size down for Trickers wholecuts. Worked fine.
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I went a full size down for Trickers wholecuts.  Worked fine.
Thanks - I remember you mentioning that you purchased the exact same shoe a few months ago. How do you like them? Panzer
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Durable as hell; fantastic quality of workmanship and leather, thick leather; profile is not as refined as some but much better than most give credit for; slim waist with slight bevelling, all in all excellent value. Not quite like my Green wholecuts though.
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This is the Harrow from the Jermyn St collection? I wonder whether it is possible for Pediwear to find a grainier photo of the shoe? It looks like they photographed it underwater or something. At under £200, how do they compare to C&J handgrades or Grenson Masterpieces?
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The comparison is usuall between CJ benchgrade and handgrade. I'd say closer to handgrade than benchgrade along that scale.
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