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Unopened Cigar Shelf Life?

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My friend was given a box of Vegas Robainas yesterday, still wrapped in cellophane. He likes different sizes and flavors of cigars so he usually buys them in small quantities and has never had an entire box before.

How long will these stay fresh if the box isn't opened? His humidor is about a quarter full and he doesn't smoke very often so it will be a while before he's ready to move on to these. Also, does the unopened box require any precautions for storage? His humidor isn't large enough for it to fit inside.

Thanks in advance.
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Empty the box into the humidor and they could stay there forever.
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Cigars in cello tend to hold humidity a little better, but I dont see why he wouldn't just empty the cigars into his humidor. Your humidor should always be at least 1/2-3/4 (because of humidity stability issues).
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Should have been clearer in my post - his humidor can't hold the entire box. In other words, if he tries to put the new cigars in his humidor he's going to have left overs. So he wants to finish what's in his humidor before he opens the new box. And he only has one humidor.

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put what can fit in the humidor and then throw some water in a shot glass and put it in a Tupperware container, and keep the leftovers in there. As you smoke from the humidor, transfer them over.
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I supose he could just invite a few friends over, for a cigar night...

Problem solved...
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They should probably last a couple weeks, but they'll start drying out if he doesn't do any of the suggestions already listed here. If he's really in a pinch he could just get a plastic ziplock bag and either cut off a piece of a sponge or use paper towels or something else that will old water, get it nice and damp, and zip up the extra cigars in there. Be sure to redampen as needed.
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no room in the humi at all? normally you can play cigar tetris and fit most anything inside...if not, most b&m's sell small plastic bags with a humidity seal on them that work in a pinch. in regards to the people saying to just put some wet paper towels in, or the like- that will work, but make sure you use distilled water, or else it can transfer some unpleasant flavor into the cigars
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Does he have an igloo cooler? Put the box in it, along with a humidifying agent (whatever he uses in his regular humidor will work, just more of it) and don't open it often. A hygrometer is a good idea so he can make adjustments as necessary, but for long term storage, wetter is better, unless you have tobacco beetles. They can then be moved to his regular humidor a week or so before smoking to get them to just the right wetness.

Here is a page with some pictures and descriptions, just scroll down a touch:
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