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Removing buttons from jeans?

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I own a pair of these, and the button in the upper right part of the waist is really bothering me. Whenever I sit down it feels like someone is poking me in the lower back. I'm wondering if it would be possible to remove it? I'm guessing I could just rip it off, but that would leave a hole. Maybe I could get the hole sewn together, or at least stitched up so it doesn't tear? I guess my belt would cover the actual hole anyway.

If possible, I would also like to remove the "strap" that goes just below the waist. As this is also fastened with "bolts" (or whatever they are called), I'm guessing removing them might also leave holes? Has anyone had similar alternations done to their jeans, and if so, how was the result?
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Oh, and also, if anyone knows where I can get other jeans with a smiliar fit, that would be wonderful. I went to the store today and tried on ten different models (Levi's, Diesel, Lee, Replay, and some I don't remember the names of), but they were all either too tight in the thighs or too loose in the waist. The Pete B (and no-longer-available Ripley) fits me perfectly, but the button thing just ruins it for me.
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sell me your jeans, problem solved.
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Originally Posted by robbie View Post
sell me your jeans, problem solved.

And go to work only wearing my boxers? I currently own two pair of jeans that fit me, and this is one of them. I want to get new jeans, but I just can't find any that look good (on me).
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buy the jeans that fit in the seat and thigh. then have the waist taken in.
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nordic, both buttons and rivets (on the buckle back) will leave holes in the denim. Its ofcourse possible to sew/patch them together, but it might not look "perfect". As you said, the belt will cover it though, so shouldnt be much of a problem if you take it easy with the actuall tearing... The classic thing to do with buckle back removal is just cutting it off, but that doesnt look pretty either.
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you might be able to remove the suspender buttons with needle nose pliers on one side and regular pliers on the other side... or something similar that just removes the button and has little to no affect on the denim.

+1 on cutting off the cinch, it changes the jeans but in a good way imo. you see it on a ton of older photos.
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^^but denim buttons "punch" through the fabric, so how can it have no effect on the denim? It should leave a hole, regardless... or am i missing something? Regarding cutting the cinch, I have personal dislike for it, after finding a really cool pair of levis thrifting, inspired by the ancient Levis springbottom pants, that have a super cool curved cinchback, like the warehouse duckdiggers. Only thing, the previous owner had cut the off the cinch back... asshole.
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OK. I just removed the upper right button with a pair of pliers. It did leave a hole, but as I said, it will be covered by my belt. I'll wear the jeans tomorrow, and if the discomfort is gone I will leave them as is.
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I handed in my jeans today to have them altered. The guy said he could remove the cinch, so I'll have to wait and see how it turns out.
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I just picked them up from the tailor. Here's the result: Personally I am very pleased with it. He used the left-over fabric from the cinch to make the triangles. Considering I paid $7 for the alternations and the jeans where about $150, I think it was well worth it.
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Right then, I've sussed this!
Had to remove 6 buttons from my Levis. This did the trick:
Place denim on floor, stand on denim with one foot either side of the button so it can't slip.
Hook the v-shape on the back of a hammer around the button.
Pull upwards, hard!
Worked for me- only left a small hole.
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