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Minneapolis Denim Alteration

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I have a couple pairs of raw selvedge jeans that need shortening. Can anyone recommend a good place to have denim altered in Minneapolis?

If I had to guess I'd say Len Druskin's tailors probably do a fine job, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something. Thanks!
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It depends if your jeans are chainstitched at the hem or not. If they are not, just find a place that is solely a tailor shop (not a dry cleaner that does alterations). If your jeans are chainstitched at the hem, I recommend figuring out how much you want the inseam shortened (whether on your own estimation or by a tailor's marking), then send it to a place like Atsui or Denim Doctors who will do it for a fee of usually around $25. Any tailor will probably charge you about that much to "re-attach the hem", which usually entails sewing it back on with an overlock stitch. In some cases, the shoddier, dry cleaner "alterations" places will simply lop off the bottom of the leg and sew it back inside the leg such that the original hem will stick out. The former is not a problem for non-chainstiched jeans, but will lose the chainstitch if you have one. The latter totally fucks up how the jeans drape at the hem. The "roping" effect that comes from a chainstitched hem is nice though, nice enough to warrant the hassle and cost of consigning the tailoring job IMO.
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Where are you located?
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Work downtown, live in South Mpls.
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I've got a pair of CvsF jeans that need to be tailored, and it'd be great to keep the chainstiching....
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I would love to find a place that can do chainstitching around here too.
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FWIW I think it's been disproven that a normal stitched hem will not produce the roping effect, something that whodini has ranted about before. I think Ande Whall chimed in about how it has to do more with whether the hem is offset when it's stitched or some mumbo jumbo.
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it does... for example i have plenty of levis that get that effect. And there not chain stiched.... in fact almost all my levis do.
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Is there some instruction a person can give to their highly capable tailor?
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I'm new to MN myself and would like to know of a good tailor in general, not just for denim.
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Cedarvale Tailors in Eagan. Gary and Donna are very experienced and are very nice. Not only are they expert tailors, but their prices are reasonable. I take all of my stuff there - denim, blazers, suits, trousers and shirts. If you can think of what you want, they can do it. Fast turnaround too. Usually a week or less.

There is a full-service shoe repair shop next door if you need a repair or shine.

They are 5 minutes south of The Mall of America.
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is there anywhere around town that will do chainstitch on some raw denim? i've got some gustins coming that i really don't want to ship off to denim doctors or whatever. thanks-
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I have yet to get any of my denim altered, I've been perfectly happy to make due with roll/cuff on both my APC & Raliegh, but I like that look and I'm somewhat lazy.


That said, if I were looking:


I'd either call or visit the guys at BlackBlue in St. Paul (it's the only place I've found to buy raw/dry/selvedge denim locally) and they should absolutely be able to point you in the right direction. 


Otherwise visit Top Shelf on Lyndale or call and ask for John (he's been tailoring in Minneapolis since before I was born, and his shop does a ton of custom/bespoke work in addition to alterations) he's a great local resource and usually happy to answer questions.


If neither of those works, maybe try calling or stopping by Askov @TBF, though I have found their customer service sorely lacking.

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