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[/quote]Service pieces of this kind are almost always a joke. My brother writes for one of the three major American newspapers and he says when his paper runs a service piece, the reporter runs around the office asking everyone for ideas and suggestions -- "Hey, does anyone know where to get good Thai food in Topeka?" Someone will toss out a name -- "I've never eaten there but I hear . . ." Lo and behold, the next day there will be an article claiming that so and so is the best shirtmaker in London, the hottest Czech place in Chicago, the best whatever in wherever. [quote] Sometimes it's better than that, like when service and someone's personal obsessions happen to dovetail or when you have a really knowledgeable editor. Lucie, for instance, writes great stuff on architecture. She's done things on California modernist that were excellent -- and she actually found the most spectacular small hotel I've ever stayed at and got it in the magazine before it opened. But that kind of thing is pretty rare. Mostly they just parachute the writer in and hope nobody notices they're faking it.