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I think my wife really, really dislikes me. I always feel I am living on the edge of her anger and displeasure or that she is sending bad vibes my way.

Almost anything I like, she dislikes:

She hates my participation in the forum culture. She resents my dressing well--although she will take hours to primp before going out and spends plenty on clothes herself. She even rather resents my enjoying a good book.

I don't know why she seems to dislike me so much. I have been totally faithful. I have tried to be considerate, dependable, kind, generous and deferential to her, but it doesn't seem to help much.

At least we don't fight to any degree, and she is incomparably easier to get along with than my first two wives. Comparing notes with my friends, I think I have a fairly typical marriage, actually, and that she's a pretty typical representative of her sex.

Men who proclaim (at least after the first six months or so of marriage) that their wives are their whole world, that they are madly in love with them, that their wives are their "best friends," etc. always strike me as being either self-deluding, liars or as lucky (and uncommon) as lottery winners.

Wow, it seems like she wants to be you and is jealous to the point of hostility.