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Recent experience at nordstrom

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Our local Nordstrom is fairly new in town, about 2 years old. I haven't shopped there much, but went in today to check out their Smartcare shirts (I have many little children and they like to do their best to wrinkle my dress shirts before work). In any case I was asking some questions and commented on the broadclothes and how nice they tend to be. She continued to then ask me what a broadcloth was. I then continued to explain the differences in showing her the twills, broadclothes, pinpoints, etc. Now I'm sure it has nothing to do with 90 percent of the men's furnishings department being female, but shouldn't this be basic knowledge for someone working at a Nordstrom? I would find it surprising if I didn't speak with someone at the Littleton Nordstrom recently, where they carry some higher-end shoes than many Nordstrom stores, and he wasn't familiar with Gravati or some of the other brands of shoes. It's no wonder the general public isn't knowledgable about clothing if those working in those stores are unable to provide input on product features, quality, etc.
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I have also experienced third string plays employed my Nordstroms. Several years back I ordered MTW Hickey suits from them. The experience was the worst. The tailor shop couldn't sew straight in hemming pants. The sales help were complete idiots. Even the managers were without presence. I shop there only for basics and reluctantly. Nordstroms is BAD. Buyer beware.
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Where are you guys located? The ones here in the Bay area and LA are generally very good. (Disclaimer- they've bought a ton of my books and I'm currently doing signings and wardobe seminars here- but I have had experiences like what you've described at other stores in CA and around the country). I've heard Nordstrom has a tier system, and the merchandise and sales staff tend not to be as sophisticated if the store is lower tier.
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My favorite menswear department humor story: I shop the nicer stores frequently looking to see what's new when working on a new product and my 8 year old daughter generally goes wherever I go - we are the same age intellectually so we hang out. Anyway we were in a store recently and she was checking out ties while I was perusing socks. I told her to find a few she liked and to tell me why since she usually predicts the best selling tie in each new line I do more accurately than I do. she starts heading my way with 3-4 ties and a salesman comes running over ready to have a cardiac episode because an 8 year old is handling ties. I'm grinning because I know just how far out of his depth the poor bastard is. So salesguy comes up and admonishes me thusly: "Sir. PLEASE keep an eye on your child and ask her not to play with the ties." Ok, my kid is very well trained and does not 'play' with ties so I decide to have some fun... "What did you find honey?" "Well, I just dont understand this" "ask the salesman sweety" ...she hands him 4 ties and asks him which one he likes best. He picks one and she looks at him (not with attitude, just pure disbelief and confusion) and says something close to "Why would you pick an acetate-backed tie over a double 4-fold from Kiton when they are the same price? This tie clearly has much more better contruction than that one???" Whilst I tried not to pee myself laughing the salesman had the sense to say "When the young lady has finished making her selections I will be pleased to assist you with checkout" before beating a hasty retreat. need to check out the 'photos' thread above for a picture of my designer to be to appreciate the humor in this story and picture it but it was a classic :-)
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The Bay Area isn't immune.  I was in Brooks Bros. @Stanford last week helping my wife pick out a navy skirt suit, and one of their salesguys did the hard-sell on me while I waited in the men's section.  He really wanted me to buy an $800 houndstooth sportcoat, so I started asking him questions about it...was it fused or hand-canvased, what was the grade of wool used, was it hand-stitched, etc.  Guy didn't know the answers to any of these, or even what "fused" meant.  You'd think this stuff would be required for someone working in men's suits...
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Unfortunately, acole, I've found it pretty much the norm for Brooks, which is sad if you read their great history. BTW did you notice if L'Uomo is still open in Stanford? I'd heard from one source they closed all their stores, and then from another that the one on Fillmore in the city was still open.
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that the one on Fillmore in the city was still open.
Still open, but with a 'Clearance, 40-60% off' sign in the window.
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Anything good, Andrew?  
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You know, stories like these make me want to work at a department store and actually dispense decent style advice, especially seeing as how I'll probably be stuck working at one anyways (gg job market) Then I can go home and dispense my rage at incompetent co-workers by playing violent video games.
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Oh great - Alias is working menswear, Marc comes in and starts asking him questions and next thing you know we have a Fox News Alert about a bloodbath in some mall - uncertain whether terrorism is behind it at this time.
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Oh great - Alias is working menswear, Marc comes in and starts asking him questions and next thing you know we have a Fox News Alert about a bloodbath in some mall - uncertain whether terrorism is behind it at this time.
More like Marc would come in and scream "You don't know anything. I own 34 suits hlauhbluhagulhblauhg" and then I'd start performing acupuncture on him with the fitting pins
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Yeah, like i said, Brit Hume telling us "Details are sketchy but we have confirmed that a ski mask and a $5000 pair of bespoke Lobbs were found amidst the carnage on the scene". Lettin you get near his neck with a tape measure is not my idea of crime prevention :-)
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Anything good, Andrew?
I didn't stop in last time I passed by. I am so incredibly cheap. I'm not going to pay 40% of retail for anything other than shoes.. I'm a 80-90 off sort of guy Seriously though, anybody in SF should check it out. They carried some pretty good brands. The best suits in the store last I was in were Zileri They also have Zegna, Incotex, Zanella, Corneliani (I think) etc.
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