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Ducker, in Oxford?

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I'm going to be in Oxford, England for a week or two, and was wondering if anyone knows how Ducker, the shoe makers, are holding up lately. I once got a pair of suede shoes from them that remain among my favorite pairs, though I recall that at the time, those were the only ones (or the only ones I liked) built on the last that worked well on my feet.. Worth going back to, or are they just selling general English brands I can get anywhere? Anything else in town worth checking out?
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Their best shoes are made by Grenson. According to the Grenson website, Ducker offers Grenson's bespoke service too.
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Bicester outlet is quite good. London is only 45 mins. away.
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Ducker of Oxford is a retailer not a manufacturer. As RJMan has already mentioned their top private label range is made by Grenson. It is possible (although I don't know for certain) that they specify a particular last and that their shoes fit different from Grenson's handgrade range.
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Thanks for the replies. At my earlier visit, they certainly gave the impression that they made bespoke shoes in-house. Whether true or not, though, I was interested in their RTW shoes, and if these are Grensons, that's good to know. I can ask about any other shoes on the last that I liked.
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