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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post
See that is when I talk myself OUT of buying something.

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Originally Posted by wmmk View Post
Interesting to see how little a lot of you guys would be willing to spend on suits. I don't spend much at all on my streetwear, but would be happy to drop $1000+ on a really good suit.

I wear suits daily. However, the quality bug hasn't bitten me yet, because I am making do with the basics right now, can get away with it, and can't get the really good stuff where I live. The best I could do would be an Armani for $1000, which might be alright, but this forum leads me to believe I'd be overpaying. So I continue to wear H&M and BR.
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Ts: $15
casual kickback shoes:$40
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Nothing is set in stone, I'll change if it is something great. T's about $40, however I have some $60 Polos, $80, but I have a burberry one that I believe was $100 Shirts, $100 roughly, I find most of my favorite are around that price, but I have some for more, YSL ones that were $200-$300 I think Dress Shoes, used to be $300, changed recently though. Sneakers I don't like over $100, except for some I have that are $120-$150ish, but those are special. Jackets (casual and dressy) all over the place, my favorite jacket ever was $100, but I have other great jackets for much more, or much less. Hoodies, I've never gotten into expensive hoodies. I usually just go to H and M because I mostly layer them. Sweaters I'll spend up to $100 (non-cashmere), but I have a lot the I like (Ben Sherman) that were about $60-$70 I think. Jeans $250ish, but I often spend closer to $200. That's all folks
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Tees: 15 I only buy plain tees these days
Shirts: 100
Jeans: 300
Sweaters: 100
Outerwear: 300
Sneakers: 100
Shoes: 200
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T shirts - 50
button up shirts - 150
jackets - 200
coats - 300
shoes - 200
sneakers - 100
sweaters - 100
jeans - 300
hats - 50
wallets - 100
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I wonder if some outerwear limits rise with the price of EG outerwear?

I'm probably in the low-mid range here. The only clothing I can think of that I spent more than $200 on is my 5EPxSF jeans. I own a pricier suit, but it was a gift.

Originally Posted by whodini View Post
For example, I picked up a pair of CP's last month for $100 on sale*

Yr too fat.
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I'm a pretty cheap guy and tend to stick to sales and such. Part of my problem is that I'm just too afraid of damagaing really expensive clothing. I don't want to pay 1000 for a suit and then rip it. So, off the top of my head type..........true max.....norm max* T-shirts.........30..........20 Button-ups...90..........60 Jeans............200........100 sneakers......100.........75 dress shoes..175........90 sweaters ......75..........40 jacket ...........250........100 wallet............50...........20 suits.... this is a tough one. I don't really get to wear my suits much at all so I feel pointless spending a lot. Maybe 500 with a norm max of 250. *Here i mean what i'd normally consider my limit when shopping. Sometime would have to blow me away to go higher...likely I haven't paid more than this ever. true max is like the most I could ever see myself paying at this point in time.
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Originally Posted by whodini View Post
I don't have set limits. I have a general idea of what I'm willing to pay for a particular item when I see it. I either shop around until I find the price I want, don't need it enough that I'll sacrifice waiting around until sale season, or simply don't buy it.

This is mindset too.
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I'm with Whodini on this one too. No set limit, but this is my comfort zone where I'd buy it without thinking twice:

Tees: $20 (most i ever paid was $60)
Shirt: $100 (400)
Jeans: $200 (275)
Outerwear: $300 (1500)
Sweaters: $200 (300)
Sneakers: $100 (100)
Shoes/Boots: $300 (700)

I'm also with AHarris, 2009 will be a more frugal year, not for economic reasons but just that I have so much gear I really need to wear things more and not be a collector.

also agree with the statement about priorities....I'd drop $200 on a shirt/jean/whatever pretty easily but I agonized for months about buying a Barbeque grill for under $200
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I'm really surprised at how low some people's outerwear/jacket max are, but it could be because I'm from a colder climate, or that I just love jackets.
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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post
Whatever the asking price for the garment I want is.

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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post
Yr too fat.
I gained like 15lbs of pure lard when I put them on the first time. I feel ur pain.
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Basic t-shirts: $10
Other t-shirts: $20
Shirts: $50 (Pretty much Jantzen)
Jeans: $80
Chinos: $50
Shoes: $150
Outerwear: $150

I'm pretty limited by my income, but this is what I would be comfortable spending if need be. I usually spend less than this on everything, but would be willing to pay more occasionally.
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glad so see most people here have reasonable price points
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