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Wearing fitted shirts over undershirts.

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I have had many younger customers recently coming in to buy shirts that are fitted much closer to the body. I have found that in many cases they are wearing under shirts that are too big. This causes fit problems under the arms and behind the collar. I do not wear an undershirt under my dress shirts. The wearing or not wearing of undershirts is another topic. The point is that if you want to wear a fitted shirt, make sure you are buying undershirts that are also fitted close to the body. Maybe even a size smaller then you think you need. This will eliminate seeing the lines of extra fabric under your fitted shirt. Also make sure that the neck line of the undershirt is not too high.
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GREAT Avatar, Carl.
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Shirtmaven: I was wondering if there are common characteristics common to the majority of young people who wear custom shirts? Are they mostly in the finance/consulting/fashion industries? Do they usually have regular bodies, or do they have irregular bodies? Thanks.
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My son choose that Avatar. I would not even know how to put the damn thing up in the first place. I don't even know who that it is. I mean I did wear something like that back in the 80's. Gregory, to answer your question, there is no common denominator other then the fact that a lot of guys in their 20-30's want a shirt that fits their shoulders easily but does not have room in the waist for their girlfriend. Remeber RTW shirts are based on statistical averages. I have a fellow coming in today who has a17 1/2 collar and 38" sleeves. He can find ready made shirts but has very little choice. Then there are customers who want the upper bodies on the trim side as well. This will constrict your movements. There is a balance between trim fit and comfort that sometimes takes a couple of fittings to acheive. I have all types of customers from Investment bankers at CSFB to artists.
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Thanks, Shirtmaven. That was very informative.
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