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Best Blazer and Best Price

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I have no blue/navy blazer. Sure, I've got plenty of suits, but I am lacking this particular wardrobe staple. Don't ask me how the oversight came to be, I really have no idea. No matter. I am attempting to reconcile my wrong now and I've been shopping around the past few days for the best blazer at a really good price, kind of doing a cost/benefit analysis as I go along. Now I really really like the offering by J. Press, which clocks in at $405 I believe; I'm not really looking to spend much more than that anyway. Any opinions on the J. Press blazer and/or perhaps some recommendations for something else along similar lines? How would one compare the Brooks blazer to this? Thanks.
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I saw some that looked very reasonable on the Hunter & Coggins site, a haberdasher out of No. Carolina. They mightn't be up to your standards but worth checking. Also Dann-Online might have a few that are inexpensive. (Corbin brand perhaps).
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I just purchased a blazer from Lands' End (insert nasty comment here). Half-canvas, wool from E. Thomas out of Italy, fits like a glove. Depending on your size, if you're interested, I'll PM you the item number. They had sizes 40, 42, 44 regular available last I looked.
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