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No-one pays ratecard, it's generally just quoted to help media agencies when they need to demonstrate how they saved money for their clients. The vast majority of companies who advertise in national/international magazines (i'm talking brands who take full page ads not classifieds) do so through a media agency and these agencies either have directly agreed rates with mediaowners or they're part of a larger group i.e. Group M or Omnicom and have heavily incentivised rates in place with virtually all key mediaowners (TV, print, OOH, digital) in major media territories, in return for a pre-agreed number of ads to be placed with them per year.

The dream for media sales people such as myself is when a cash rich, non-agency affiliated client decides they want to advertise with us, as it's the only time i get close to talking ratecard. Sadly this doesn't happen very often!
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To those with a lot of experience in the print ad seems the trend these days is to put build some sort of ad effectiveness measuring device into the ad so you can actually see the impact of the ad, ie. the customer will see in a Gillette ad "visit" and that web url was created specifically to measure how many people see the print ad and visit the website.


Are you seeing this as the norm when it comes to ads? It seems like the higher end brands don't utilize this sort of thing as much as their ads are very clean, little text, maybe it would come off as tacky. Just seems if you can't measure the results it's very hard to justify spending so much on ads. I guess like someone else send on this thread, for some brands the only way people are going to know they exist is through a print ad.


Just always intrigued me, the use of a specific url in the ad, or a coupon code, allows you to see what people actually 'act' on the ad, I wonder how often that is really used.

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