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I just finished reading this thread in it's entirety (wow.); I haven't been on the forum for about two weeks or so. LearyDennis; you win this year's Nancy Drew award for lifting the cloak of mystery off the making of Mr. Kabazz's shirts. Alias: Check out, that guy reminds me of you. Are you the same person? Anyway, there are so many good arguements and valid points in this thread, it was an interesting read. Mr. Kabazz certainly opened a can of worms defending his product, which is admirable. I'm sure he's done it before; I would guess charging $600 a shirt warrants that. However, who is anyone to criticise a person on how he spends his money. Cherrytree: I can't even fathom the possibility that ANYONE would be so dissapointed with the custom work of Kiton, Borelli, and Charvet... Not that I own any of these, but just that each company is very respectable in it's own right, it can't be THAT bad. Mr. Kabazz: Thank you for joining our forum, I look forward to your input on so many other topics we discuss.
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Prewash/preshrink the shirt fabric. Shrinkage in good shirt fabric is minimal/insignifiant. Washing it once before cutting should usually be adequate, wash it twice if you like. Basically pretreat the fabric in the same manner which you will clean the resulting shirt. If you fear that the stitches will pucker, most quality threads have been mercerized and shrinkage, if there is any, is minimal. Quality fusible interlinings are usually preshrunk by the manufacturer before the adhesive coating is applied. These may be washed/preshrunk again before cutting, but this must be done carefully. Iron the shirt fabric parallel to the selvage before laying out and cutting. All machine stitching should be single-needle. Buttons should be sewn with a shank. Buttonholes may be sewn by machine or by hand, based on what the customer wants. Collar stays should be removable. Patterns should match. These are some basic criteria of what makes a fine shirt.
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For those who wanted to know what goes into making a shirt here is a link to Ike Behar's general outline, step by step, of how a shirt is made: Steps to make a shirt
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