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Does anybody else get skeeved out by the idea of used shoes?
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I could never buy used shoes - dead man's shoes don't go on my feet. I'll buy vintage clothing that looks like it was used by a *young* person, or at least a person during their youth (tshirts, track jackets, jeans) but anything that might have been taken out of some old man's closet after he died or was committed to a home - even if it is a Brioni suit - strikes me a macabre. Now, if I know the provenance of the piece (such as pieces used in movies), that's a different story.
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What's the joke?  The leather uppers looks to be in fine shape.  The soles indicate some wear, but don't look to have ever been re-soled.  At first I thought that might be a hole in the soles, but upon examination, it's just a designation of the Crockett & Jones name in gold type.  If someone gets them for, say $55, seems like a good buy to me. Personally, I have absolutely no problem buying used clothes or shoes.  If I find a perfect Oxxford blazer at a thrift shop for $45 or a gorgeous Brioni blazer for $160 on EBay, in my size, I'm not going to blink and in fact will get a jolt of glee for having found it.  Same goes for shoes -- I've bought multiple pairs of EG and Lobb shoes on EBay -- some new and some used -- and I frankly couldn't care less about who their prior owner was, as long as the shoes were well taken care of and the amount of wear is clearly/accurately indicated and represented by the EBay seller.  Concerns over who the prior owner was evaporate when the final EBay bid (mine) is, e.g., $78 for a pair of perfect, but slightly used, Lobb "Campus" loafers.  My wife, on the other hand, refused to buy shoes on EBay that aren't new.  To each his/her own, I guess.
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Maybe they're fakes? Full rubber heels seem unusual for quality shoe.
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I must be thick. I can't get the joke either. I'd guess, the shoes are from the late 60s, early 70s. C & J might well have used rubber heels at that time. (Or the retailer specified them with the order.) Nobody would fake rubber heels with C & J embossed.
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Maybe it's the "SIMILAR CROCKETT & JONES SHOES RETAIL FOR $600.00+" part.
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