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L.L. Bean - superior customer service (?)

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it's a nice story - anyone else have similar "above and beyond" experiences with "the Bean" or any other brand?
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Their no questions warranty is pretty amazing. I've returned a couple of my daughter's winter coats a year or so after I bought them because the zippers broke. Not quite as dramatic as that story, but they're always perfectly happy to handle the return/exchange. Oh, and their caller ID system automatically pulls up my account when I call. That's pretty cool.
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my best experience has been buying from Cultizm. A year ago I bought a pair of nudie regular ralfs from them, but they sent me slim jims (correct size, wrong model). I emailed them and they told me to just keep the slim jims, and I had the ralfs at my door in 48 hours. absolutely amazing customer service
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Their customer service policy does sound awesome. Their cuts from what I understand however, tend to be of a traditional and more relaxed fit. With slimmer cuts, I'd be all over that.
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The grandson of the founder wrote a book about the company that came out a year or two ago. It's an interesting read. There is quite a bit about their customer service and return policy. They originally left the terms very vague--basically, it's an unconditional policy, but they were wary of dishonest customers.

Also interesting was that they used to do quite a lot of custom orders. If a customer wrote in saying he wanted some obscure product done in a peculiar way, they would get it made from one of their top-flight suppliers, often at a considerable loss.
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Another good experience worth mentioning would be with fellow forum-member and leather craftman "Unlucky"

I've ordered a belt and when I first tried it on one of the pieces of hardware broke. I emailed Unlucky and asked him what to do - thinking he'd just send me out some loose hardware to repair it myself. Instead he was very apologetic and helpful, covered the shipping expenses to send it back to him, repaired it overnight and covered the cost to ship it back to me. I've since bought 4 more items from him - they are all awesome!

And of course, it goes without saying that Mauro and the Farinelli's gang have time and time again bent over backwards for this forum and it's members . I don't think you could ask for a better quality of service than what they deliver.
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Nordstrom, of course, is known for their ridiculously generous return policy. My gf bought me a skagen watch there a few years ago. I banged it against a doorknob and cracked the crystal. Sheepish, I brought it in to see if they could send it for repair, and they gave me a new watch. On dishonest customers, Nordstrom also has/had a pretty bad shrinkage problem partially due to thefts where people essentially take something off a shelf, bring it to a counter, and "return" it. I think their policies are a little stricter now, but they're still generous to a fault.

Unfortunately, their men's clothing buys generally lean toward amjack.
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The flip side is that the retail prices for Nordstrom and LL Bean are on the high side. Whatever latitude they offer in returns is made up for in markups.
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Great story. Returns with L.L. Bean are always a breeze.
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i out grew a down parka when i was a kid and they replaced it for me
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That is good service, although I bet they could resell them. Usually the monogram can be taken out pretty easily. Yoox also has great service, although I wish their sizing wasn't confusing as hell.
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I buy a great deal of my clothes from L.L. Bean because my girlfriend works for them. I once wore a pair of cotton trousers and on the first day I god them caught in a jagged edge of a fence, thus ripping them into unwearable shape.
I brought said trousers back to a local retail store to see if they has those exact pants there. (I ordered the others online)
Whilst walking around the store, a salesperson asked why I was carrying around a pair of ripped trousers. I explained my story and he insisted that he would take them back and order me a new pair.
I got a brand new pair because I ripped them.

This is why I love ll bean. You know their clothing is high quality because they stand behind it more than any other brand. No other brand that I have experience with has such excellent customer service and return policy.
Despite the complaints from all the supposed "fashionable" snobs in style forum, LL Bean is one of the greatest brands around and will continue to be for a long time.
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I returned a pair of shorts from Canada to LL Bean like 10 years ago when ecommerce and tracking technologies were not as sophisticated as they are now. I did not get my CC credited and since it was a low-valued item, I forgot about it.

5-6 years later, I got a refund check from them accompanied by a letter apologizing for the oversight and delay in processing my return. Apparently the return package was misplaced during transit. I was thoroughly impressed.
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