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A.E. Clegg Ltd. wools

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I have an opportunity to buy some fabric at a super cheap price from this mill (as in SUPER cheap). Anyone ever heard of this Huddersfield, England mill?
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The only AE Clegg Ltd I know of in the UK sells cars, so you might want to find out a bit more, such as whether this mill has a distributor, and, if so, the name of the distributor. Grayson
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Well, a google search shows that it is one of the 68 "most respect" mills in England. Not sure what the heck that means. In any event, at the cost I'd be getting the wool for, it's not even worth any further investigation. How much fabric do you need usually for a men's two piece, sb suit? 40R.
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Didn't even know there were 68 mills left in England--go figure.  For me, at 6'2", my tailor usually orders 3 1/2 yards of cloth for a 2-pc suit, but your needs may differ. Grayson
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Hmmm. I could get only 3 yards of this fabric. I'm 5'10" and slim. I wonder if I could get by with 3 yards.
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If it's a solid cloth, with no pattern to match, you might be able to skate by with 3 yards. Grayson
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You just might not be able to inhale with 3 yds. of cloth. Seriously, though, with the understanding that you might not have enough cloth to provide for some excess if you need to let the suit out in the future, you might be able to get by with 3 yds. Grayson
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It's a solid color fabric, and it's only gonna cost me $30 for 3 yards. I might as well buy it -- it's a charcoal flannel, which could always come in handy.
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If there's not enough fabric for a full suit, why not just have your tailor make you a sportcoat (or even a hacking jacket ) Bradford
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I'm so dumb. I just found out its 3 1/4 yards. So, I think it'll be enough. We'll see how much my domestic tailor would charge to make me a suit from this. I'm going to do the Lesser bespoke suit, and then perhaps he can just use the existing pattern to make me this and ship it to me (no fittings) to keep the cost down. Otherwise, I'll wait for Chan to do it (I think someone said tailoring charge is $550 or so). I'm hoping the fabric is good quality, because it will be a great staple suit.
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In the wise words of my grandmother: You can't go wrong. Grayson
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