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Ben Silver socks

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Is anyone here a fan of Ben Silver socks? The winter catalog has alot of nice ones... How do they compare to the best socks out there, such as Dore Dore, Paul Stuart, Nordstrom, etc.? Do the over-the-calf socks stay up?
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My only experience with the Ben Silver socks was with the OTC brown cashmere. The cashmere pilling is to be expected (never again). The socks also lost elasticity pretty quickly.
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I like the pattened wools but they have a tendency to develop a hole around the ankle after half a dozen wearings.
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I agree that Silver comes up with a lot of good-looking socks. My experience, though limited, should be cautionary. I ordered three pairs, two were over-the-calf "cashmere" in solid yellow; the last was an over-the-calf wool argyle. The argyle not only did not resemble the color I'd ordered, it didn't resemble any color combination shown in the catalogue. Bad color reproduction, perhaps. The yellow socks were a more complex problem. First, they were knitted in an inexplicable rib pattern. On over-the-calf socks, the ribs on the leg continue over the instep toward the toe while the bottom of the foot is flat knit. A crew sock, on the other hand, has ribs that stop near the ankle, and the entire foot of the sock is flat knit. Having the rib of the leg portion continue down the instep makes for a dressier, more refined looking sock. The knit pattern on the over-the-calf cashmere socks from Ben Silver was not visible in the catalogue because the socks were displayed folded and rolled. It never occurred to me that an over-the-calf sock would have the rib pattern of a long crew sock. Ben Silver's did. Further, the "cashmere" socks turned out to have a fiber content of 40% cashmere, 40% silk, and 20% rayon. I wrote a letter to one of the lawyer-owners explaining that a sock that is advertised as cashmere must be, at minimum, chief value cashmere (50%) and referring him to the web-site of the precious-fiber vigilantes who run around testing topcoats to see if the fibre content is as advertised. I imagine other deceived customers must have complained as well. The socks, still in the catalogue, are now advertised as "40% cashmere blend," though without specific mention of silk or rayon.
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try [url=http://www.falke.com]URL] instead. Paul
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Hmmm. I was expecting some glowing endorsements, but this is just silence and discontent. Surprising. I wonder who makes socks for Ben Silver?
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Speaking of socks, the Spring 2005 Paul Stuart catalog has some great-looking socks. I just ordered some. www.paulstuart.com You have to "Shop Catalog" to see the good ones.
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Last year I picked up a pair on sale, the 85% wool OTC dress sock. I think I needed justification to place the order by way of hitting a certain dollar amount and the socks put me over the top. I had no problem with the elastic wearing out, but had holes develop in the toes after only a handful of wearings. Now they're shining shoes instead of being worn in them, and I've gone back to my Gold Toes.
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In fairness, when I was having wear problems with my Ben Silvers they were being washed with other clothing. Since they've been segregated and washed per the instructions I'm getting very acceptable life.

Cold water, delicate cycle and line dry. It makes a big difference.
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