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That's funny, I don't remember the waiter. I thought that was an excellent lunch, we managed to have quite a variety of dishes without overdoing it and the wine selection was very agreeable. I think we ended up having the tasting menu at Guy Savoy later that night and we weren't too full for that. Speaking of, that's another stop you should make at some point. Guy Savoy was very enjoyable despite the 8 year old wearing shorts and playing on his iPad next to us.
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The wine...think I had about two bottles of their Garnacha by the glass. Do not know how I maintained that day as it was from there to La Cave to Champs at La Reve to a great dinner and bunch of wine at Bouchon's. It was just an excellent day.
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i suppose this is the definitive Vegas restaurant thread?

tough to tell.

Did Lotus of Siam the other night and happened to be there when Anthony Bourdain was doing a feature for CNN.

i enjoyed what i had, i'm not a thai fan but the soup was interesting and the shrimp in tamarind sauce was excellent.

will go back next time in in town. Wasn't blown away by Bouchon last night but there were some staff politics going down that affected parts of the service we received. I'd go back again.

Maestro's Ocean Club at Crystals in the City Centre was excellent, we had a large party of 11 people and everything was fast and very well done. The place was packed on a Tuesday night too.

Reservations for Aureole tonight then going to try Estiatorio Milos at the Cosmo tomorrow.
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i agree it,think if you went to Robuchon and Savoy, you'd easily have two of the best meals of your life. They are militant about quality and you'll get something very similar to what you'd eat in Paris.thank you


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