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Thought I'd dredge up this old topic, as it seems, based on what some of you are wearing, that cowboy boots, are in fact, on the way back. Recent photos of both Ralph Lauren and Donald J. Pliner show them proudly sporting cowboy boots. Far better than sneakers, and MUCH better than those "bowling shoe" atrocities, I think they're stylish and ultimately American and masucline. Anyone adding cowboy boots to their wardrobes?
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Glad to see this topic back. I continue to wear my cowboy boots, but always with jeans, never with a suit........will leave that to Texas and "Dubya". Got two new pair of customs made by Bo Riddle.......and always stick to my Western Ranch tall tops. Anyone else?
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I consider them a classic casual wardrobe staple. I don't pay much attention to their trend stature, because I'm going to wear them when I feel like it whether or not anyone else does. I'd say Ralph Lauren is much the same in that regard: he's always been into cowboy iconography as part of his repertoire, and he'll be wearing boots with his jeans until he line-dances off this mortal coil. Pliner, though, is a follower rather than a leader, so if he's wearing them, they're either in, or they're already on the way out.
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Hey CT............I live in Rhode Island, just outside of Providence, and I have no problem "pulling them off" whatsoever. Yes, you're right in that more of the NE populace is in duck boots and the like, but I find them a nice change from the same old/same old.......and they do seem to be catching up. Perhaps CT is just too uptight. :-) (just joking...)
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I have two pairs of cowboy boots that I wear on a relatively frequent basis. Of course in Arizona, it's not that unusual to see people wearing boots. I have a pair of black leather ropers (low heel and slightly more rounded toe) that I do wear with suits or jeans. They are quite comfortable and a nice change of pace from other leather shoes. They are just a solid black with no stitching on them. They are not a name brand, just a good pair from one of our local chains (Cowtown Boots). I also have a traditional pair of boots from Dan Post with the riding heel. Mine are two tone, with burnt orange - tan (like a basketball) bottom and dark brown tops with white stitching on the tops and toes. Those are for when I want to "cowboy up." I suppose they would also work for the rock and roll look, although I haven't really tried it. As for boots coming back into style, I think that they are a part of the American Icon that seems to get dredged up every time designers seem to feel that we need to restate our dominance or stature as a country. I would guess that the resurgence of cowboy boots can be traced to the same post 9/11 sentiments that led to all the red, white and blue patriotism in fashion and popular culture in the past year. The runway models may not actually be fighting the war in Afghanistan or Iraq, but by God, they look tough and rugged like they could. P.S. I also have a brown felt cowboy hat and shirt by Roper (big country western brand) that my wife always makes fun of when I wear. It is a long sleeve button down shirt with brown sleeves and a blue body with an illustration of a cowboy on a horse roping a cow. Hey - If you're going to a country dancing club or a rodeo, you might as well go all the way. Plus I bought it when I was single.
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Recent photos of both Ralph Lauren and Donald J. Pliner show them proudly sporting cowboy boots.
OK - I'll show my ignorance. Who is Donald J. Pliner?
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Who is Donald J. Pliner?
He's a shoe designer. Originally from Chicago, where he apprenticed at his father's shoe store, he had a couple of retail clothing shops in Beverly Hills in the '60s and '70s, and started his own shoe lines in the '80s. Donald J. Pliner shoes are, alas, nothing terribly interesting from a design standpoint"”more of a "me too" label that follows the trends set by Prada, Gucci, et al., at a more reasonable price point. I can't speak for the quality; they're "made in the mountains of Italy," according to the advertising hype, which I suppose is better than, "made in the sweatshops of Malaysia."
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CT Guy: Didn't you post a while back that you were worriedly looking for a job? Congratulations on scoring a job at a division of GE. Should be a great career opportunity- until you have a great AH HA idea and start your own company...
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Found this old topic and wanted to add my two cents. Although you can tell from my UserName that I'm a boot fan (all boots), it does appear that cowboy boots are coming back in a big way. Kenneth Cole making MANY styles of cowboy boots, as are other designers. I think '03 will bring about the end of the "clod-hopper" chunky sole Skechers fad, and bring back class and distinction with cowboy boots.
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Also wanted to hear from the style mavens as to what they think about this resurgence in cowboy boots.
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I think cowboy boots are more of a regional thing. If your from Texas, then they'll never be out of style. On the other hand, if your from New York City or New England area, I doubt they were ever in.
This thread was started almost a year ago, and thus my former comments. Since then I've changed my attitude towards cowboy boots. For me it seems that they'll always be in style especially in NYC (I see them all the time); I guess it just goes with the rock-star look, which if you can pull off looks really great. I wouldn't say there is a resurgence of cowboy boots, it's more of a classic look that lingers around year to year. However, New Englanders still can't pull it off... It just dosn't seem to work with the LL Bean look.
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I agree Mike C. Just go to Jeffrey's shoe dept in the meatpacking district. I swear it's almost half cowboy boots everytime I go... It was pretty funny though-- Three men who looked like they were two sons and a father walked out of Jeffrey and I noticed all three were wearing very outlandish skinned cowboy boots with an otherwise preppy look... Just seemed funny as they were all walkiing together out of that store--I think you have to either be a country boy or urban "rock star" look to really grasp the look. If I move to NYC in the next couple years, I'd sport a pair as it can be done very stylish, especially in that city. Pete
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I, too, have responded to this topic in the past, and I have not changed my opinion. I AM a New Englander, and I wear and see cowboy boots often, perhaps not as often as I would in Texas. You know, folks, here in New England, we DO wear more than oxford shirts, chinos, L.L. Bean sweaters and boat shoes. I still feel that NOTHING looks better w/a pair of jeans than a nice pair of black, lizard skin cowboy boots. They look and feel fantasatic. I always get compliments when I wear them. I WILL say, however, that I do NOT wear them with suits......THAT I feel is something that only Texans can pull off, but perhaps others feel differently. I'd recommend that every guy have a pair of black, lizard skin cowboy boots in his wardrobe. They look great, and are far nicer than the thick rubber soled boots of Skechers et al. The other myth is that cowboy boots are uncomfortable. NOT true. If you get the proper size, nothing is more comfortable, and they provide amazing arch support.
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As I posted in this thread earlier,I too really enjoy wearing cowboy boots--particularly exotic skinned ones. I own boots in full alligator,lizard,stingray,and most recently faux anteater. They're a lot of fun to wear with jeans. A nice change of pace. Love the "cockroach killer," pointed toe type. CTGuy: What kinds of boots are you interested in? Longhorn Boots (eBay user name: makes some beautiful made-to-order cowboy boots,that you might like.
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I like cowboy boots a lot. Of course I grew up in a rather backwater town so I may be biased. That being said I would only wear fairly conservative boots. Dark brown, black or brown suede - and no super pointy toes or Cuban heels. I do like dark brown "belly" alligator (no hornback.) And I would never pair them with cowboy gear or with a suit. I like them for sophisticated casual. The funny thing is, where I live, I would stick out less in boots, Wranglers, a Stetson and a big shiny belt buckle than I would in oxfords, gray flannel slacks and a blue blazer. I don't own any boots simply because my instep is too high to get my foot into them. One of these days I'm going to have a couple of pairs custom-made. There are two well-known custom bootmakers within a 30 mile radius of where I live.
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