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see below
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I really think that w/the new push toward "Americana" as it were, classic american style is coming back, and the cowboy boot is on that list. The latest issue of "Vanity Fair" has a 2 page ad from one of the top designers (don't remember the name), and all the male models are in cowboy boots. Stylish and functional, I sure hope they continue to rise in popularity. Let's hear from some other cowboy boot wearers.
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pstoller, You are not the only "strange" one who enjoys exotic leather cowboy boots.I posted a question a while back about exotic skin boot care that,unfortunately,didn't get much response. I own pairs in full alligator & lizard,and recently bought a pair of full python boots.I certainly aint no cowboy,but I've loved cowboy boots since I was a kid. If wearing them makes me look like a "hick" or a fashion victim in some peoples' eyes,too f-cking bad. If you're still interested in those Black Stingrays,here's a good place to check out: (West Coast Leather Factory).They're out of Thailand,and do great quality custom work,in Stingray,snake,and alligator.Fast turnaround(3-4 weeks) at a good value. I bought a pair of Stingray Harness Boots from them which are really cool,great detailing. Lastly,here's an article from 1994 that I found about the return of the cowboy boot: Happy Trails.
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Thanks for the tip. I do know that a lot of stingray skin (aka shagreen, for those who care) comes out of Thailand. My only question would be, how are the products strictly as footwear? It's one thing to buy wallets and belts, and another to get shoes and boots. I'd want them to be well made in addition to looking cool.
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I actually own both shoes and boots in Stingray,and they're both remarkably comfortable-they were lined in soft leather(calfskin,I think).One concern is,since Stingray is so tough,it's much more difficult to work with,and some pieces appear to have been glued(securely)on,rather than sewn.Thus,it remains to be seen how durable they'll be over the long term. Nothing like the finish of Stingray,though;a texture unlike anything else I've seen.
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Wanted to ask about this topic again, because, as I pour through the latest fashion rags, I see LOTS of guys in cowboy boots. If you watch E., host Steve Kmetko wears black cowboy boots every night. Would like to hear from other boot wearing dudes as to what brand they buy, and what styles look best.
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Does George Bush wears Cowboy Boots? He is from texas.
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Heh. my opinion on cowboy boots is if you're not a cowboy or someone that goes to bars to square dance you shouldn't be wearing them ;p Presidents can do what they want.
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Consensus on cowboy boots seems to be love 'em or hate 'em. In either this month's GQ, there was an article stating that every president since Eisenhower had a pair, including Clinton. I have one- and wear them occasionally when I'm in the mood. Gray pit viper- used to call them lawyer skin. My apologies to GQL and AC. I have since discovered and befriended some attorneys with personalities and ethics.
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Wanted to say thanks to all the guys who responded. However, I'd like to hear about all the guys who wear cowboy boots casually w/jeans......not so much presidents, or Texans w/suits. Again, I ask, because every fashion mag of late featuers guys in cowboy boots.........and they're turning up on celebs left and right. I'd like to hear how many guys incorporate cowboy boots w/their jeans and/or leather pants.
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The urban cowboy/rock and roll look has been around a while, and makes a desperate foray into the mainstream every so often. Chances are, if you see a look appear in a mainstream men's magazine, it is either on the verge of gaining such widespread acceptance that it becomes a staple (see flat front pants, 3-button suits, and more recently, "whiskered" jeans), or on its last, trendy, legs (see tunic-style shirts for men, leather pants, super pointy or super square-toed boots/shoes). In the first instance, you don't have to worry about being what advertisers call an early adapter. In the second, if you are part of a specific subculture in which such things are important, you are probably onto the next thing anyway; and if you are not, you risk regret for buying stuff that you will never allow yourself to wear again in addition to general ridicule. My general advice would be to steer away from any look that is too obviously costume-like. Last season's "ethnic" look and the head-to-toe military look of F/W 2001-2002 fall under this rubric. Find a personal style and stick with it, adapting trends to it if the two are compatible. Personally, I never wear cowboy boots. They look ridiculous on most Asians (I look like a Japanese tourist at the Calgary Stampede.)
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I don't know if it's an "urban/rock" look.......I think it's more an American look...........cowboy boots are uniquely American, and their design was more utilitarian in nature than stylish. Would like to hear more from "pstoller" on the seem to have very fashionable cowboy boots.  Do you wear them often?  To work? Check out the latest issue of "GQ", or tune in the TV talk shows, and cowboy boots are making quite the comeback it seems. Even when VERY casual, I'm not one for sneakers, and I think nothing looks more sharp w/a pair of jeans than a nice pair of pointed-toe cowboy boots, with an undershot heel.   Even Ralph Lauren constantly wears cowboy boots.  Would like to hear from some cowboy boot fans who wear them regularly.
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As with many other things, I think it's a matter of how you wear them. Certainly if you wear your cowboy boots with leather jeans and an untucked fitted shirt, it's an "urban/rock" thing. With denim jeans, you can go to from that extreme to serious cowboy (are they Wranglers, or are they Cavalli?), as well as the Lauren-esque American Classic (urban cowboy with tasteful restraint). With a suit, it's, howdy, Tex. With short-shorts, it's, hello, sailor. Considering how utterly ridiculous I'd look in a cowboy hat or on a horse, I'd say I'm closer to the urban/rock variation than any other. I wear the boots sporadically, depending on my mood, usually with denim, occasionally leather. (Not at all, lately, because I sprained my toe and it's still healing.) Sure, I'll wear them to work, but I'm a freelance techie who services mostly casual office environments and home users, so I can wear whatever amuses me (and my clients). In most circumstances, I would say cowboy boots do not provide ideal traction on the rungs of the corporate ladder.
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Makes perfect sense. I prefer the really traditional cowboy boot, those with really pointed toes, and somewhat high/radically underslung heels. They were made that way so that a cowboy could get his foot into the stirrup very quickly, while the undershot heel made sure it stayed there. Country singers Dwight Yoakam and Sammy Kershaw wear boots like these. They're custom made by Rios of Mercedes, and Bo Riddle, respectively. Does anyone know of an "off-the-rack" manufacturer who makes cowboy boots in that traditional style?
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Like I said earlier, yeah, I think they will be making a big comeback. Any guys out there incorporate them in their daily wardrobe? I usually wear Austin Hall, Olathe, or customs.
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