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The Kooples brand

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Has anyone heard of this brand?
Its like across of APC and American Apparel.

I was recently in Paris and walked into a store there. They had really good stuff concerning shirts and tees, especially denim and such.
I tried on a lot of clothing and it ran small.

heres the link to the site:
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There are quite a few Kooples stores here in Paris and their advertisements are everywhere. Looks-wise it has a kind of skinny jeans / vintage military / big hair thing going on which reminds me of The Strokes or APC a few years ago. Kids who attended posh schools in the 6th arrondisement used to dress that way before that. It's a good look on youngsters, definitely.

I've never bought anything there so can't comment on quality.
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Yeah, definitely saw a few of these stores in Paris. I think the whole gimmick was that the clothing could be worn by either sex? Correct me if I'm wrong. In any case, more of a SW&D thing I think.
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No the menswear is different from the womenswear, but the style is very similar.

A friend of mine is a fan of their suits. I am not, the style is very specific (very slim fit, tiny lapels, extra-short jackets).
I haven't examined them with a magnifying glass, but the quality doesn't seem impressive.

There is also a more casual range but I am not familiar with it.
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Originally Posted by wright View Post

Hi, what did run small, the pants or everything?
How about the quality? I thought it was an English company.

isnt it swedish or something like that
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Some body starts a thread three years ago. A total of six posts in those three years. Okay lets play along shog[1].gif

If he tried them on in France and they were sized S/M/L then he likely tried on the wrong size.
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I didn't realize the first post was 3 years old rotflmao.gif
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Originally Posted by blackstone View Post

isnt it swedish or something like that

It was founded by the sons of the people behind Comptoir des Cotonniers (French bobo women's wear chain).
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