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Maybe in a few years time...
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Definately want one when I come of age. I am 20 now and have no use for one. Actually I hope to never have a use for one but I figure when I am 55 or so no one will look at me funny for carrying a cane. I look forward to carrying a solid walnut cane with a gold handle when the time comes. If I carry one now I would look rediculous.
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I did for a while, when I was like 12 or so, and this little kid comes up to me and says, "Are you an old man?" It was the last time I wore, or otherwise employed, a cane. That said, I think they need to have fine wood furniture, but a brass or other sort of metal head and foot is essential, so I don't at all like the ones linked (and I'm a woodworker myself). ~H
Originally Posted by GBR View Post
The post says "wear" a cane, the poll "purchase" a cane. What do you actually mean? "Wearing" a cane would actually be quite difficult considering it is not a garment: Purchasing a cane, fair enough, but you might wish to support a house plant with it rather than use it as a fashion (mis) statement, you really do not tell us when it might be of some service. As prepared this is a nonsense.
Probably Spam.
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A walking stick sits in my car and it gets a lot of use afield. They come in real handy when traversing steep/rough terrain or crossing swift water. In the urban jungle they make for a helluva beating stick for the seldom encountered wild animals.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
Lactating women?

I would have been able to help you by proxy on that one..
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Only if I walked with a limp as a result of a bullet to the thigh in either the Crimean or Boer War. I gather they're also useful for dealing with the criminal classes: can be used to thrash the blaggards if they confront you after a late night at your club. And of course if some bounder's been cheating at cards.
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I stole a couple of my gradfathers canes. I often walk around the city with my cane and cigar and lift up girls skirts.

But, do you lift them up with the cigar or the cane?
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I had major surgery and had to walk with a cane for a while. I had to get an awesome cane so I got this super expensive black and silver one. People made fun of me, who knew me because it was typical of me, and people who didn't know me looked at me like I was a jerk because it looked like it was just there to support the look.
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How cool would a golf club be, instead of a cane?
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IMO, it's almost insulting to those who have problems walking to use a cane. Additionally, you will look like a complete a** when people ask you about it, and you say "oh, I don't really need it, but it matches my ___."
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I broke my foot (3 toes rather) the day before I had to fly to asia for a mofo backpacking trip. ER until 2AM, flight was at 6AM but i said fuck it and went anyway. It was a good thing that the rugged stuff was a week later but I carried a pimp ass cane the whole time. was hiking up huangshan in mid Dec with 5 pairs of socks, no shoes and a cane. It was pretty wicked.
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Unfortunately in my jurisdiction, sword canes are illegal to possess, thus I am limited to concealable handguns as a poor substitute.

Sadly, I've read such is the same as to cane swords in England as I read a story of a man in London who defended himself from an assault from a group of young ruffians...only to have the Crown Prosecutors charge him with assaulting the ruffians (who had violent criminal records), and then Parliament lowered itself to the whims of the Pacifist crowd (which banned handguns too)...and banned the possession of cane swords throughout England.
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I'm actually using a cane at times, so wearing one would be a moot issue. I just hobble about with an average stained wood one, but I'd upgrade if the need were more permanent. Even in that situation, I wouldn't be caught dead with some aluminum adjustable.

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I'm an umbrella guy, but I'm thinking about trading up to a cane. What can I say, this guy does inspire me:

I wish they actually licensed some company to produce those. I doubt I'd get away with one today, but I'd like to try.

I see some did try to recreate it, though:

Others have gone....rather far.
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I said no, because I already have a walking stick that I use quite often when in the mountains or in the woods. It was made to my measure by some artisans in the French Basque Region. There is a metal rod at the bottom and the top portion consisting of the knob and hand-grip can be pulled off the top of the stick, revealing a hidden spike or blade, which effectively turns the stick into a short spear. this is what one can find as explanations here : The makila is the Basque people's traditional stick, The makila has a very deep meaning in the Basque culture. The makila is synonym of command, justice, respect, power and authority. It is an entirely hand-made and elegant stick whose manufacturing process has been maintained over various centuries. The reliefs of the piece of wood originate from incising the wild medlar in the forest. This operation causes the sap that rises through the tree branch to swerve around the cuts and to form the designs that characterize the makila. This way mother nature assists the artisan's hand. The branch is cut in winter, peeled in a furnace, stained with quicklime and heat straightened. The so prepared rod is adorned at the bottom with a brass, alpaca (German silver) or silver sleeve carefully hand-engraved with Basque motifs. The other end of the rod is topped with a horn grip fixed by means of a threaded sleeve covered with plaited leather. For the so called makila of honor, the grip is entirely of silver or alpaca. It is a custom to offer a makila to anybody one wishes to honor and who visits the Basque country. Often politicians, Mayors, Governors, etc. are presented with an elegant makila for their services rendered to society. A picture found here : Adrian
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Originally Posted by Taken Aback View Post

It's life-enriching being Whofen, no?

I've seen that fellow's journal before; he does have detailed and edifying knowledge of precisely what went into the costume. I've never had Doc Holliday inform me that the jacket was woven from raw silk, for example

And were I to change my vote, I'd select the first option. It would not be based on Hartnell's, however - I'm thinking Doctor Gregory House, with a section for concealed Vicodin, perhaps
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