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god, i want those eg russell mocs. i fear that i'm such a hypebeast that i'd buy nearly anything with the EG label. i would swear that i didn't like russell mocs before... [thank me not arethusa]
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Well, yeah, actually, fuck you. Hm. An Inapt coat on Super Rag I like a lot— but, oh well, I don't know enough Japanese to make it confidently through an order. I don't have any money to spare anyway. I got a flat last night and I'm broke. Oh, let's see what ddml posted. Khhhhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn. You bastard.
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Originally Posted by timpoblete
Whoah, just realized that that comment was made in March 2005, and, thus, my replie isn't really relevant to anyone.

What did you expect, that I wouldn't have been in on EG before everyone else, come on!!

Just kidding, btw if you check out LAGuy's post you'll notice he already knew about the brand and even owned some accessories at the time so...
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