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Best dressed mayor?

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Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco is surely one of the best, and most carefully, dressed men in the US.  This picture from today's San Francisco Chronicle might persuade you to share my view.  He favors Brioni and Kiton suits and shops regularly at Wilkes Bashford.   Mayor Brown
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I agree, he is something of a dandy. A little flambuoyant maybe, but tastefully done.
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I concur; a definite must see for how to dress.
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He dresses well, and appropriately, for his age and position, and the hat adds a nice flourish. On the other hand, the suit or hat on their own would be flourish enough for say, a junior academic, and both would be too much. When I lived in L.A., there was this one guy who hung out at Lucky Baldwins in Pasadena a fair bit, who wore a three-piece and a pocket watch as well as some round specs all the time, as if he had just finished auditioning for some Merchant Ivory film. The difference between him and Willie Brown is that Willie looks the business, while he just looked like a clown.
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I'm from the Detroit area and the Detroit mayor Kwame Killpatrick is quite a flashy dresser. He dresses in what many people would call "pimp suits"- Double breasted, dark colored suits with bright, bold pinstripes. He is a large man(he played football in college) and the suits accentuate his large frame and make him an opposing looking figure, especially to those who are debating him. There's a funny story about him- the comedian Chris Rock was with some friends in a hotel room, the television was on and the sound was muted. Mayor Killpatrick was on a show and Chris Rock said to one of his friends, "What did THIS rapper do now?" or words to that effect. Then he put the sound back on and learned he was the mayor of Detroit. Chris Rock then used him as an inspiration for his performance in the movie "Head Of State."
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