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It's a hot, hot, humid day in DC today! This, for just walking around town:

Pale Yellow Shirt
Plaid Shorts
Ribbon belt with skull belt buckle
White Loafers

Just realized it's the less expensive version of what VMan wore yesterday(?)
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Originally Posted by Omegablogger View Post
Mid-40's son, how old are you boy?

I'm really trying to find some better jeans but struggling, don't really want to start the 14,000th thread here on "skool an old geezer on jeans" but may have no choice.

No, not boots. Their C&J weymouths [ish] but on a different last.

that's it, i'm going to have to get a checking account hates this forum.
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Hipster Pirate for lunch/shopping Williamsburg:

Louis Vuitton brown cotton gold metallic bandana
Alexander McQueen navy/white fisherman knit sweater
Trovata navy cotton shorts
Jil Sander navy suede drivers

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I have been surfing through WAYWN for awhile now and have not posted any pictures of my outfits. With all the criticism thrown at Drizzt, my suggestion would be to try some different poses. The stiff hands pose tends to be unflattering while some of the outfits probably are just fine.
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heading out soon to dinner at Chaya Brasserie (mmmmm!!)

then getting our mod grooves on at Club Soulside (the best northern soul, motown, skinhead reggae in LA)

Thick as Thieves grey one button notch lapel suit
Paul Smith faded check lt pink OCBD
Kent Wang pocketsquare
Vintage tie & bar
Paul Smith socks
Paul Smith brogues

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I miss Chaya for lunch!!
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It's page 666.

The shoes look great with the gray suit. ^
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Originally Posted by ghulkhan View Post
drizzt said that so he could compare ones idea of fit to his, so when you post and critique people whats the point? no one can compare their idea of fit to yours?? so when you post does it matter?? in terms of talking about other peoples shit .....
Originally Posted by ghulkhan View Post
exactly You can still posess the knowledge without posting your pictures.
"This thread is fucking useless without pics." How many times have regulars said this? Would you have an opinion to give if we regulars were all KitonBrioni's? To me, it's all ivory towers until you get off your ass and throw yourself in the pit. Really, have any opinion you want, but how do you expect it to be taken seriously without showing where it comes from first?
Originally Posted by Get Smart View Post
and I sorta disagree with that. I've used this analogy before on here, but it's so appropriate for Style Forum... It's like a guy who has never had sex, but he watches a lot of porn, has gone to a lot of strip clubs, has read Penthouse forum religiously, and maybe has even had a handjob once from Betty Rottencrotch, and he's giving advice on how to be a good lover. A lot of that goes on in SF I think....there are definitely a few regulars I can think of who fit that bill. One guy on MC I remember always had some very strong opinions on classic menswear and when he FINALLY threw up a pic of himself, needless to say it was very disappointing and that single pic basically invalidated anything he'd ever said. Of course you can critique something without having owned it, but critique is usually a subjective thing and it's nice to see where the person's coming from in his own style by seeing what he's doing on a daily basis
I knew there was a deep current to our Plutonic bond...
Originally Posted by tljenkin
I disagree with the notion that anyone should have to own/wear certain things in order to intelligently critique an outfit. College students preparing to go/pay for med school (no catharsis here...), for instance, cannot afford the time, risk or money to purchase their ideal clothes, but they still may have an opinion worth listening to. Taste, a broad knowledge-base and an ability to articulate a well thought out critisism are miles ahead of a steady stream of WYWN photos.
Same goes as previously stated. What would you do with your knowledge-base and lack of spell-check if it were not for a steady stream of photos? I don't know about you, but I personally prefer to receive catalogs with pictures in them so I know what the hell pieces look like together. Maybe one of these days I'll acquire enough "knowledge" to be able to read KitonBrioni's posts and critique them articulately. As an added bonus, NO ONE is telling you what to wear, buy, how to dress, who to date, etc. There is SUCH a range of brands here, from Sauce's saucy Old Navy tee to the higher end EG stuff worn by timpoblete, that I simply can't buy into statements like "I'm a poor college student with no time." There are plenty of thrift shops regardless of where you live and are plenty of deals elsewhere to be found. If you're good with style, you'll make what you have work for you. As far as time's concerned, you're sitting in front of a computer posting on a men's fashion forum about how little time you have. Really. I think there are a few professionals on here, not to mention med students like myself, who might find that a bit odd. I'm not trying to dump on everyone today but it feels like there's just been a lot of talk lately when this forum is supposed to be fun, not CE. So let's have some fun and a sand-free vagina weekend. I'm buying the first round.
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Yeah, I just felt like I needed to try. I don't necessarily think a person needs to post pics to comment, but then again it's hard to take advice seriously when it comes from someone who can't put something together to make himself look good to save his life. (Not anyone in particular here... well maybe a certain someone who's never posted pics and insists on giving us updates, but anyway)

And yeah I'm down with that weekend too.
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It boils down to how lopsided it can become when you have 60% of people not posting pics but being very critical and the 40% just have to sit there and take it because they can't really comment on the one's mouthing off.
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GS- where do you get your PS shoes? They look better in your pics than the Paul Smith webste.
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its the 666th page, i'm surprised no one has mentioned wearing the mark of the beast... or written it on their hand or forehead with a sharpie.
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GS - sharp as hell. I want to dress like you when I grow up.
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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post
It boils down to how lopsided it can become when you have 60% of people not posting pics but being very critical and the 40% just have to sit there and take it because they can't really comment on the one's mouthing off.

Yea I get what you and the other guys are saying but this sounds like it should be a shit talking thread. In order to say something bad you should have a pic up so they can say soemthing bad.

I dont critique peoples outfits that often. The only time I ever really say something is when I really like an outfit and ive said that to you before. Thats not to say I havnt said that I dont like a certain outfit or soemthing was not working to someone. I have but I have done it only a couple of times. Maybe three and no more than that. Its just when it looks that screwed up, I dont think my fits (if I posted any) have any relevance. Drizzt jacket shoulders looked so botched up that most people who are not even into clothes would of thought that they looked screwed up...
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lw81 alt app jomons john varvato
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