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Originally Posted by poly800rock View Post

i don't have a real camera now, just using a webcam for the time being..

Damn I'm jealous of that trench. If you're ever looking to part with it, let me know
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Originally Posted by SuperBobo View Post
I have to agree about Sauce always looking good, but at the same time I feel that he (you) always plays it very safe. Slim jeans, slim tees, slim shirts, everything well fitting but never any items that really gets my attention.. This is really not ment to be offensive to Sauce.

Personally, I think its rather interesting to wear pieces that might not be "flattering" but are cool in some other way (details, texture and so forth) More concepts and less looking "sexy".

this is how criticism should be given...

Originally Posted by Saucemaster View Post
No offense taken at all--I've said a number of times that I actually like criticism of my outfits. I don't consciously try to "play it safe", I just have certain things that I like--fitted and slim being prime among them, my tastes have always run that way--and that's what I do. I *do* think that my outfits frequently turn out to be quite "safe", though. I've never thought of myself as trying to be edgy, so that doesn't really bother me, but I'm also aware that that doesn't make me some kind of style guru. For that, I agree, you really do have to take risks. I've never really tried to be that, honestly. No such illusions.

and taken. can you feel the love? i do.

anyways here you go. getting down and dirty with the cicadas.

they are everywhere. the sound of them climbing out of the ground in my yard is creepy as hell. the lawn sounds alive with activity...

closeup of the bush next to me. hundreds.

one more

Night of the CICADA
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Lorenzini shirt
Incotex pant
Bernini belt
Zegna socks
DE bluchers
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Me today visiting "The Gentleman's Klubhouse": Relax Club Double breasted short coat some tie Relax Club Embroidered slim short sleeved shirt Dolce & Gabbana slim trousers (really like the fit of these)
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jpgm: It looks like you had a sweet dog. I'm very sorry for your loss.
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Originally Posted by braidkid View Post

It's afraid!
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^^^^hahahahahhhhah dead on me and some sufu kids today
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Where's your black shirt-or-jacket?
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"kids" indeed, what are they like 15?
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braidkid, I just wanted to throw out props to you for consistently looking so clean, you're up there with Sauce for understated, perfectly fitting looks. The sort of thing I would like to pull off when I get a shave and a cut and stop looking like an extra from Desperado.
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Originally Posted by berlin report View Post
crumpled again

bonus pic: sunday in hampstead with sis

jpgm, what's wrong with pfeffer?

there you go again pulling off crumpled and loose well . . . who makes the stripey shirt?
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Originally Posted by j View Post
Where's your black shirt-or-jacket?
Amen. If 1950's greasers that listened to Joy Division started a gang, this would be it.
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hey now....i have a graphic tee, japanese denim pinrolled and leather chucks..... not all fashionista like those two!
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adding a splash of colour to an otherwise dreary day today....

APC crepe soled boots
iron heart 634s
bonds t
fred perry v neck
thomas meihofer ring

and tonight....

pony cota
iron heart 634s
topman t
saba henley
generic hoodie
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thanks for the kind words re: pfeffer guys....it was actually my girlfriend's dog. hopefully he is swanning around doggie heaven at the moment, eating whatever the hell he wants.

sauce and rye - simple, clean fits as per usual.
braid - as above....skulls look great on you. awesome cat too
timpoblete - didnt expect to ever see you in alife....they look really good though.
poly - a better photo of that fit would be nice.....especially the coat. it looks fantastic from from what i can tell.
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