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2 xist
lord jeff vest, vintage

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nice fit but please change your shoes. those flyers look nice.
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and, since i'm seeing sunn 0))) and boris tonight, i thought i had better get my steez on.

APC crepe soled boots
iron heart 634s
bonds t
caban merino knit
AG arthur galan coat
generic beanie
thomas meihofer ring
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gray j-crew t-shirt
lucky jeans
leather vans slip-ons
silver hoop earring in each ear
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jpgm, tays, digi - looking sharp!

Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post
I think that the muted tones work really well for you. Definitely would not change that. I just think that a bit of color accent to draw the eye would lend a lot of focus, is all.

yea I can definately see what you mean, I've been trying to work with colors a bit more occasionally

, I'm not actually in the air, the camera is
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Casual Friday at the 1950s Government Office:

Thom Browne 3btn grey suit
Thom Browne grey cotton polo
Ferragamo black laceups

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Not wearing the Longines? Not into longsleeve polos, except *that* one which rules ok!
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Originally Posted by Get Smart View Post
Not wearing the Longines?

GRRRRR!!! This Rolex is too flashy for the outfit!

It should hopefully arrive by this weekend so I can wear it soon.
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Great stuff tays - always nice to see you drop by here. You've contributed more to this forum in 27 posts than I have in 1,000.

Although thanks to everyone for not pointing that out as I furiously postwhored my way to this point while adding little if anything of value.

Elsewhere, good stuff ken, and nice fit drizz. As for Pretty Boy, I'm feeling the sweater, beanie, boots and jacket, but not so much the Iron Hearts. I hate to say it, b/c I'm know you dropped some serious coin on 'em, but I don't think fuller cuts are your best look. I'm sure others will disagree, though, and it's possible they'll drape better as they break in; plus, it's hard to really tell how they fit from the first two pics because of the shading. Anyway, they're certainly not bad, I just think slimmer cuts work better on you; jmo...
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Now that I'm not swimming everyday 11 months a year I really need to get my half sleeve done.
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First post in this thread. Still trying to figure out the "pose" thing. Not used to that yet...

Random Cardigan

RL button-up

EA watch

Polo 867 Original jeans

Frye Brando Engineer

Polaroid SX-70 (w/case)

The shirt's a little puffy, but it's not a tuck-in kind of day.
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GS: I love the color combo today!. iTunes Playing: A Letter From The Past by I'm Not A Gun from the record We Think As Instruments. 45rpm Indigo knit tee APC Cure Vans
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Originally Posted by Get Smart View Post
rayban bensherman fredperry moschino allenedmonds
Also, Rye, I really like your fit today--simple but very solid.
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very nice outfit (and yea, might look like something id wear )
i really like the cardi + shirt aswell as the rather loose jeans.
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