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I'm right there with you bro. Pre-med exam schedule is insane. On the bright side, you look way cooler than I do while studying. I've just been wearing an AA hoodie, boat shoes and gym shorts in the library for the past week. It sucks.
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I wish I was in Sweden for drunken riots. Even without drunken riots, I bet Sweden would kick ass.
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Originally Posted by ts4them View Post
Did it shrink length-wise a lot? I find their t-shirts to be quite long.

yes, they shrink quite a bit.
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Why is it cloudy and cold
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iTunes Playing: Lost Broadcast by Triosk from the record The Headlight Serenade MQueen Cardi (It got cold again)-Gift. AA Tee-AA On any street corner. APC Cure-Ebay. Studded Belt-Rose Bowl. Jersey scarf w/burnout print-All Saints from Selfridges in London. Chucks-$10 @ Rose Bowl.
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paul smith shirt
fred perryxcomme des garcons cardi
thick as thieves trou
paul smith sock
a. testoni laceup
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I like the way they're laced.
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Solid. If you ever get bored of that cardi, I'll take it!
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H&M M-65 Levis workwear Tanner leather goods Louis Vuitton Key loop Skull 5010xx Number (n)ine -cheers!
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Originally Posted by asobu View Post
SuperBobo: Looking good! Oh, and Uppsala/Studenvägen? Wish I was there, last year was a wonderful drunken riot for 3 days.

quite correct
a fellow swede i suppose?
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soundtrack of my day:

VINTAGE t-shirt
DIOR jeans
COS shoes
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Really good looks from just about everyone recently, I love it.

Simple again... gonna be hard to put together interesting outfits now that it's warm.

(Click for alternate pic.)
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Just an observation, but I think I figured out one of the reasons why Sauce's fits always look so good. Other people wear the same kind of subdued fits, but Sauce has a really well proportioned body. Kind of like the male version of 36, 24, 36.
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New Era | Burton | Levis | AA | CP 87 | Nike
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I feel like the biggest broad in here amongst all you fabulously thin guys.

Calvin Klein
Mondern Amusement
Really old black belt (the name has rubbed off)
Adidas with patent detail.
Nautica socks

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