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Originally Posted by AnotherVictim View Post
Yo drizzt, i think that jacket seems a little too small, it leaves the impression that its too tight to close (although i dont know if it is or not) slick shoes though
I was just kinda fucking around with that jacket, because it's the only unstructured one I own until I get my new filippa k jacket. That jacket is an emporio armani one that I'm selling, which fits me fine in the shoulders/chest, but is probably a bit too tight in the skirt since it's a one button closure and kinda stretch material, but fits good enough when it's not buttoned. I don't think its tight at all if I don't have it buttoned, it just kinda hangs open weirdly though, because the material is very soft and unstructured. It normally hangs a bit over my chest but I kinda pushed it open so you can see the t... you can see my left hand is slightly moving back from flipping the jacket open in the picture.
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chris - lookin good.
augusto - egypt photos look amazing, hope you enjoyed it!
socal2nyc - TB cardigan looks great with those shirts, i much prefer that look to the one with the cardigan you previously posted.
MJK - nice shirt.
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yea, very nice shirt MJK. Is it available to buy?
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It's up in the mjk thread bobo.
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just saw it and got ready to edit my post
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some additional views on the pants. Vintage swedish army,suspender buttons, one back pocket and cinch back.

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Originally Posted by Get Smart View Post
Gittin my groove on at Mod nite in a bit...

TaT prince of wales jacket
TaT black trouser
Florsheim imperial wingtip
Kent Wang pocketsquare
Paul Smith OCBD (3 buttons on collar)
Hickey (Style) PoW tie
vintage sterling tieclip

I love that jacket. whole fit is sharp
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Those cuffs make you look oddly short, bobo. Great combination though.
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hehe, its my new little people look.

I did the cuffs cuz the wide cut pants looks pretty overwhelming when down to the floor. The proportions are better with the oldschool short leg/wide pant imo.
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Brunch and maybe a movie (Hot Fuzz, The Invisible, Fracture):

Michael Bastian shearling vest (the jacket w/ the sleeves zipped off)
Alexander McQueen green tee with pink soldier
Martin Margiela chinos that totaly look like a vag
Bottega Veneta army woven sandals
Lanvin silk/linen hat

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theres a lot going on there. quite honestly it reminded me of my 76 year old chinese grandmother going to the store.
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polo aa/vintage t eternal 811 vans
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Originally Posted by Augusto86 View Post
Just got back from a long trip and trying to beat the heat in Cairo...

Red 'dana
Express shirt
Trafalgar belt(hidden)
Gap '69 denim
Asics Onitsuka Tai Chi
Glazed look from 48 hours of travel

And on the road:

Early in the day:
Trusty Aquascutum travel blazer(got it on Ebay and it's kept me warm and happy and stylish from London to Istanbul to Beirut. Love the damn thing)
Nudie BB's

Zara forest green long T
Kaffiyeh - Western Desert, Egypt
Baggy Bjorns

just awesome. how awe inspiring it must have been to actually be there...
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Alexandreta? Through the valley of the crescent Moon?
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