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Originally Posted by bkrstic View Post
two WAYWT from the past while

1) MUN conference freetime in Eugene with the girl.. excuse the idiotic look on my face and the askew collar... I'd been out and about for a while. The hat was destroyed during that weekend...sad.

2) Today...back from Ashland

gosh i remember when all you damn kids came...made it impossible to eat lunch
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Originally Posted by Kent Wang View Post

Ghost ridin' the whip.

Oliver Peoples stunna shades
W&H hoodie
PDC jeans

hahahaha, nice! outfit looks decent too.
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You know I you, but PLEASE grow those bangs out a bit or else make the sides tighter (preferably both). I know what you're going for but the cut needs some adjusting. Still looking v.v. cute, maybe try a new stylist?
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DITTO -- jpgm you're an incredibly attractive guy, but that haircut absolutely works against you. bangs longer, sides shorter
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Thanks Sauce!

A Harris, great coat and the Norwegers are stunning, from what we can see. Any pics with details? Cheers!

Here's some of the shoes:

Re. the bootcut - I almost didn't keep the Rag & Bone jacket because it fits very trim on me. I'm a big guy and it looked ridiculous with slim jeans. Then I tried it with looser fitting jeans and it looked great, especially with bootcuts. So I'm sticking with those.
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ts4them and sbbbjm - thanks for the comments...always good to hear some constructive criticism.

basically, i haven't had my hair cut since mid january, when it was cropped pretty darn short and really textured. i'm in the process of growing it out, which is why it's looking pretty shite at the moment. going 3+ months without a visit to the hairstylist is pretty unheard of for me, but i'm going to let it grow out a little bit more before i get it seen to.
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had a couple of classes this afternoon...time for more study now. i'm exhausted.

tretorn tournament leather
skull 5507xx
bonds t
vintage button up
generic beanie
jpgm x empress necklace
thomas meihofer ring
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sauce - nice clean fit.
bkrstic - great photos.
kent wang - good to see you holdin' it down dude
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quality control
nike apc
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iTunes Playing: wrap us up in fleece by wixel.

Beams Hoody
AA Tee
Recut/Patched/Dyed Levi 501
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Fred Perry
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Here's mod meets Wall Street meets sprezzatura... 2B charcoal suit, brown AE PA's. 3" tie, TaT suit, argyle socks. Please, critique it Men's Clothing style, not this softcore S&D bull (strangely, I lack the balls to post these pics over there!) Disclaimers: yes, the tie is crooked. Yes, it's not tightened properly. I'm not a fan of tight knots for practical reasons. The shirt is Banana Republic, the tie is some cheap ass DH (not Dior Homme, Daniel Hechter ). The pants are a little slouchy, and the waist needs to be taken in so they sit higher. The belt is by *cough* He Who Shall Not Be Named - it's terrible leather, and I bought it for $10. It will be replaced very soon. And even though it's been weeks since I got it, it still hasn't been steamed and pressed. That is all. Oh, and it looks like the shirt needs ironing! Change sprezzatura to slob.
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U SUCK FTL Really though, suit is nice (can't tell if the fit is good from your shitty pose). Shirt is nice. Tie is shite. I think the patterns don't work well together. Argyle socks don't seem to work in this situation but they're not terrible. They would rape you in MC.
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That's my attempt at the Holdfast pose. I tried the drizzt agro stance, but it just wasn't workin.
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