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5EP LDB resin, Rogan western shirt, navy AA T, white Purcells, Glycine Incursore.
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today's gear:

and thanks again for all the good comments about Sauce's suit!
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I'm late to the Sauce/TaT love-in, but damn, that is a good fit. Like magazine-styled-pinned-airbrushed-$1000s/hr good.
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Off to the Beer Advocate meeting with a bunch of fat white dudes. Corneliani sportcoat BR shirt Kent Wang pocket square Rag & Bone denim trousers
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Zegna suede
Brioni shirt
Mason's pant
FC belt
Zegna socks
DE bluchers
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Originally Posted by nick123 View Post
[IMG-][/IMG] H&M AA APC Converse and a bonus suit pic, disregard the part of the dress shirt hanging out, it was tucked it when I was wearing it, but a friend wanted me to send them a picture so I sent it before I changed.
I can't tell from teh picture to much but it looks like the shoulders might be a bit to wide, but I really like it! Who's the suit/shirt/tie by?
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Originally Posted by Saucemaster View Post
Yeah, so jpgm really needs his tag changed to "prettiest boy on StyleForum".

My Thick as Thieves suit arrived!!!!

Going ridiculously monochrome today (click for suit coat open):

And an MC-style closeup:

This suit is amazing--literally, two compliments on the way to work and three from coworkers so far.

Very sharp! I may have to get one of these for myself... Nice choices on the shirt, collar, tie, knot size, handkerchief, shoes, etc.

That said, I hate to be the one to bring the MC up in this lovefest, but it looks like there may be an issue with the sleeve pitch. All those diagonal wrinkles look like your arms are pulled back, and if it's not just that picture, then the sleeves probably need to be rotated back a few degrees to match your posture. Unbuttoning the top button may completely eliminate it, it may just be the picture, or you may not care (as you already saw, no one but me seems to care ) but just thought I'd throw that out there in case you can tweak it for the next order. Unfortunately, it's not a really easy alteration to do - would require removing the sleeve and re-setting it - but it's possible, again if you care.

Anyway, keep it up!
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First time out of the house in a week thanks to sickness. Cheap Monday AA Imperial Gram
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Sauce, all I can say is: Wow! That suit trancends the borders of perfect, I think the fit may have ripped the fabric of space-time. I need to get my hands on a TaT before Jason makes it big and jacks up the price
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soundtrack of my day:

EMERICA leather jacket
DIOR jeans

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to work...

ymc pocketsquare shirt
themata belt
lee re con lugger
dolce & gabbana chelseas
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sorry about the gigantic pic size. i will get the hang of this at some point.
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Originally Posted by Saucemaster View Post
The only thing less comfortable about it than a "normal" suit is that the pants are cut quite slim. I gave Jason my thigh measurements and he cut it very slim based on that, which is exactly what I wanted. I'm so used to slim dry denim that it feels like silk, though.
The pants are very fitted on me, especially my thighs. But even though they are slim, there is enough stretch in the fabric that they are super comfortable. For my next order, I'm going to have to go with the waist of the 36 pants (30" waist), and the legs of the size 40 pants. Probably the most perfect fitting dress pants I've ever had. I'm going to consider ordering some as seperates next time. I'm really hoping for a job by mid-June so I can afford another 2 suits.
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heading out for a friend's birthday and some tunes tonight...

vans chukka
skull 5507xx
nile band t
generic hood
form ring
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