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im like a vampire.
except for the immortality thing and i dont (usually) drink blood.
i do, however, like to bite.

so be careful.

i wish my gallery was still open so i could put some paperrad on the walls.

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just got back from club and taking shower so I'm not wearig anything, but my friend suprised me with this shirt she got me from tw lars make friends, fucking LOL I love these shirt
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Originally Posted by ayn View Post

alt app
mj vans



+rep for you as soon as I get over there.
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Just jeans and a T-shirt! It was warm warm warm today!
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vintage cooperstown collecton
vintage wrangler
tg "depression" JD tee
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in the studio today laying some guitar tracks down...

vans chukka
skull 5507xx
origin band t

and heading off to a friend's place for drinks tonight...

vans chukka
andysoma t
jpgm x empress necklace
form ring
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iTunes Playing: I Called You Back by Bonnie "Prince" Billy from the record The Letting Go

Burberry Jkt
AA V-Neck Tee
Stretch Fuck'n Jeans
Paul Smith Dip Dye Shoes
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Random tshirt
AA Thermal
Eternal 811
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iTunes playing: Jeff Buckley's cover of Dylan's "Mama, You've Been On My Mind" AA PBJs Gola Stride Milsurp bag I finally fought off the wasps on my back porch long enough to take 2 pictures. I quickly retreated though. I figured i'd pull a trick from cheap/hap/bizzy for those into easter eggs. cheap- those shirts tg does are certainly nice. Need to see if she'd throw a design of her choosing onto some shirts for me. jpgm- That's my favorite fit(clothes fitting your body since we have to define this now) i've seen of you. The skulls and fred perry polo look great. How is the rise on your skull 5010s? Comfortable or a bit of a hassle? I'm looking into them but don't want them to be as tight and low in the top block as my PBJs. sauce The krell hoodie looks great. I'm finally getting one in the near future as i already talked to mjk about it. My girlfriend liked it so much i think she's getting one too. That last pick with the krell and the mil jacket was very solid. I need to get some more warm weather clothes so i quit alternating between 2-3 tshirts and 2-3 westerny shirts.
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Originally Posted by jpgm View Post
looks like an amazing day whodini, hope you enjoyed it.

Sure did. The only mistake I made was not spending the night so I could travel further through the canals. Guess I'll have to go back after July when the turtles begin to lay eggs on that beach.

Originally Posted by yerfdog View Post
I like that shirt/shoe combo.

I lived in CR for about a year when I was a kid. Is that main bus depot toward the west end of downtown still called La Coca-Cola? (sort of near the ICE building if i recall) (I'm assuming this is where you were headed...)

Nope, but at least you're familiar with the area. I was being picked up at the Gran Hotel CR next to the teatro nacional. Here:

Where'd you live while you were here?
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soundtrack of my day:

TEMPRAS t-shirt
STUSSY shirt
NIKE leather windrunner
DIOR jeans
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How are the black Diors fading?. Mine are progressing better than the indigo.
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Rye, really good today.

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Can we break down and call x666x the hipster kitonbrioni with photos?
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what a fucking beautiful day in oregon nossa tanner belt white to blacks beat vans cheers!
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